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Update 5/27/2017: Regretfully, we are unable to 
respond to any inquiries. This site will remain active
solely as a memorial for Terry Baxter and all of the
hard work he put into building and managing this site.
We will continue to process book orders for,
"How to Find Indian Arrowheads..."
until the supply is gone.
Thank you for your support and understanding.

Update 12/13/2016: I want to thank everyone again
who has emailed me with your sympathies and inquiries.
Unfortunately, I have been overwhelmed with the amount
of emails I am receiving and cannot reply back to everyone.
At this time, if I am able to provide information to your
requests, please know that I will respond with the information
I have available. If I am unable to provide any information
most likely you have not received a response from me and
again I truly apologize. 

A message from the family of Terry Lee Baxter:

It is with great sadness that we share of Terry's
unexpected passing on August 19, 2016.

As much as we would love to continue Terry's work
with Western Artifacts, we regretfully will not be
able to provide the same level of service that he
had to offer and will not be able to continue in his

We are happy to continue offering
Terry's book for purchase,
How To Find Indian Arrowheads
and Other Ancient Artifacts and Relics.
Click on the book cover below for
ordering information.

Terry was an amazing individual who 
graciously shared his knowledge.
He was also a loving & devoted husband,
a caring & supportive father,
and the proudest & most fun grandpa
a kid could ask for.
He will be greatly missed by many.

Thank you to everyone
who has been in contact,
for your patience, understanding
and sympathy.



BEFORE EMAILING ME WITH "What Is It?"... "What do I have"... or "How much is it worth"
Artifact Questions, please READ our Contact Us page FIRST!


Welcome to WesternArtifacts.com, your source for affordable, authentic ancient Native American Indian arrowheads, artifacts and other relics from the past.
DON'T BE FOOLED by the name... We cover it all... Coast to coast and border to border and now, with our Old World and Foreign Countries page, even beyond!!!
We have American Indian arrowheads, artifacts and  relics for sale from all pre-historic periods.
Be sure to visit our Paleo page(s) for the oldest of the old. The Paleo sections contain ancient native American Indian arrowheads and other artifacts dating as far back as 14,000 years ago. (This is WAY before the pyramids were built in Egypt, folks !)
We stand behind everything we sell with a 30 day unconditional refund should you be dissatisified with your purchases for any reason.
All artifacts are guaranteed to be genuine, legally obtained relics from the past.
We also accept consignments for publication on this site, please email us for more information.
Thank-you for visiting !


After a full year and a half in the works, I finally completed my book on How to Find Indian Arrowheads and other Ancient Artifacts and Relics...  Click on the book's cover below for information on how to order the best book for finding Indian Arrowheads and Indian Artifacts as well as to see what our customers have said about this book:



We launched our new "Sister Website" FossilConnections today... Pay this one a visit if you have any interest in some very unique Fossil offerings:


Site Index:
Paleo Pages
These pages contain artifacts, relics, tools and arrowheads specific to the Paleo time era, which was the very first period in time that the Native American Indians inhabited the New World (The North American Continent) These are the oldest artifacts to be found in the United States, and are from the Clovis / Folsom era. (See the museum page for dates)
Archaic Pages
These pages contain artifacts and arrowheads specific to the Archaic period which lasted for 7,000 years. (see the museum page for dates) One major characteristic of the Archaic period was the introduction of "notches" to arrowheads and since this period covers such a broad time span, more different "types" of arrowheads can be attributed to this era than any other era.
Other Periods Pages
Artifacts and arrowheads from all other time eras (other than Paleo and Archaic), such as the Woodland period are collectively grouped on these pages for the entire North American Continent.
Big Blades Pages
These pages list larger knife blades, typically over 6" in length from all over the world.
Far West Pages
Formerly listed as "Great Basin" pages, these contain artifacts and arrowheads specific to the Far Western States of California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and the westernmost regions of Idaho and Utah.
Columbia River Pages
These pages offer a great variety of arrowheads and other stone tools which come from the Columbia River and it's many tributaries in Northern Oregon and Washington. The Columbia River is well know for it's exotic rock types and this beauty is reflected in artifacts from this area. Many of the arrowheads and other relics found in these parts were made from colorful petrified wood, and a rainbow of agate materials not to be found anywhere else in the world.
Gulf Coastal Pages
These pages contain arrowheads and other artifacts specific to the Florida / Georgia regions. Many of the relics listed on these pages are river-salvaged items of colorful red and orange Coastal Plains Chert.
Gem Points Pages
Arrowheads listed on these pages are either made from very colorful and beautiful materials, often having unusual "patterns" OR, they are of a high quality of craftsmanship, or both ! Basically the best of the best qualify to appear on these pages
Bone, Shell (and Ornamental Stone) Pages
These pages contain a wide variety of mostly "decorative" and ornamental artifacts made from bone, shell or incised stone. Some of the ancient artifacts listed on these pages are abalone shell pendants, and incised, decorative stone items, drilled stone pendants, stone effigies (animal and human), clay effigies, earplugs, banner stones, bone and stone jewelry items, shell and stone gorgets, bone, stone and pottery gaming pieces such as game ball and gambling pieces, bone whistles and tubes, hair pins. stone pipes and Cloud Blowers. For other "decorative" items, please see our Indian Beads page and for other Bone Items which were used as tools, such as bone wedges and bone awls, please see our Bone Tools pages.
Bone Tools Pages
These pages contain a wide variety of all sorts of functional tools and weapons made from bone. Some of the ancient tools listed on these pages are Bone Awls, Harpoons, Bone Arrowheads, Wedges and Pressure flaking tools. For "decorative" and ornamental items made from Bone & Shells, please see our Bone & Shell pages.
Charmstones Pages
These pages contain California Charmstones which used to be on the Bone, Shell and Ornamental Stone pages. For Desert Charmstones, Crystals and Charmstones from other states, please see the Bone, Shell and Ornamental Stone pages. Charmstones have a similar sister in the eastern states, where they are called "Plummets", although the use for these was very different from the use for California Charmstones
Flint Tools Pages
These pages contain flint, chert and other host stone's "knapped" tools from all over the United States. An example of some of these tools would be drills, knife blades, awls and scrapers.
Axes and Stone Tools Pages
These pages contain axes, mauls, mortars, pestles, shaft straighteners, steatite bowls, stone bowls, bolos, stone chisels, atlatl weights, celts, pecking stones, pump-drill fly wheels, notched fishing weights as well as other "hardstone" tools manufactured by the pecking and polishing process.
Pacific North West and Alaska
These pages contains artifacts from the Pacific North Western regions including artifacts of Alaskan origin
Indian Beads
In addition to the European glass trade beads, these pages also have every other type of bead imaginable, from stone, shell, dentalium and those made from metal components for use as a decorative necklace as well as "beaded" items, such as intricately beaded purses
Basketry and Perishables
These pages are comprised of woven baskets and ancient perishable items. In addition to Basketry and Perishables, other items grouped on this page are clothing articles (moccasins, etc.).
Old World and Foreign Countries Pages (Pre-Columbian)
This page offers very ancient artifacts from the Old World (Africa and Europe) as well as from other countries outside of the north American continent.
Field Grade and Bargain Pages
These pages not only offer common or slightly damaged field grade arrowheads, but also groups of nice arrowheads and artifacts at bargain prices.
This page contains all sorts of perishable items such as woven fiber footwear, clothing items, rope, baskets, etc. Most of these were cave finds.
This page contains pottery items in all of the various forms from the Prehistoric, Proto-historic as well as the Historic eras.
The Bookstore Page
This page contains links for our customers to be able to purchase not only artifact related books, but other books which cover the Native American's way of life as well. We also publish a "book review" section on this page for the books we recommend, as well as those which we advise against.
Museum Page
Our museum page covers a very wide range of topics, and is informative without getting too technical, in other words, the articles are written in plain English!... I believe that no matter what level of a collector you might be, there is something of interest for everyone on this page.
Feedback Page
This page contains candid and unsolicited feedback (BOTH positive AND negative) which we have received from our customers over the many years we've been in business.
Reciprocal Links Page
If you operate an artifact or Native American Indian website and would like to exchange reciprocal links with our website, this page has all the tools and information you'll need to accomplish this.
How To Order Page
This page is worth visiting at least one time before you purchase items from us, as it explains the entire ordering process.
Contact Us Page
This one has our mailing address, phone number and email link.
New Stuff Page
On this page we show photographs of our latest release's offerings with links to connect you to each respective page. We try to have a new release every 3 to 6 weeks, and each new release normally consists of somewhere between 100 and 300 newly listed items. We always post the next scheduled release date at the top of this page, once it has been determined. This page is also used to inform customers of any newsworthy topics or other information about this website.
This page shows items which were reported as stolen, along with information about the theft and whether or not the owner is offering a reward for the items' return.


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