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How To Find Indian Arrowheads Book page

Book Price $30.00 + shipping & handling
Payable via PayPal. To place a book order,
provide the following information

-First & Last Name
-Billing Address
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and email to:


This is the first and only book which uses 21st century technology to find
ancient sites and Native American Indian arrowheads and artifacts. It is
also Non-region specific, meaning that, if you live in New York,
Missouri, Texas or ANY other state, the arrowhead hunting techniques
presented in this book are still valid and will work for you!
Be sure to read the book reviews and customers' feedback section below.


As promised, here is my own book outlining all of my artifact hunting
techniques which I've used with great success for more than 49 years.
Book Description:
8-1/2" Tall x 5-1/2" wide
190 pages
336 Full Color Photographs
6 Sketches outlining hunting procedures
15 Research suggestions
8 Artifact categories summarized and detailed with photographs
28 Hunting area suggestions under "Hassle-free hunting" section
8 Ancient site types detailed 
Legalities of hunting for Artifacts section
How to document, label and display your artifacts chapter



We're steadily receiving rave reviews from customers who have
purchased this book... here are their direct comments from some
of our customers, used with their permission:

Hi Terry,
My copy of your book came last week, and i have to admit it's a much more powerful resource than I anticipated!  So, armed with new knowledge, my carpool buddy and I went collecting.  As you can imagine, we located lots of new areas and scored some goodies too. I found a nice side-notched with a fractured tip. His best find was a translucent agate drill!  And, that was just one day after work.
What an amazing book!!!

Thanks again Terry!

DM's Find:
Your book arrived yesterday and I couldn't put it down until I read it straight through and have started reading it a second time tonight. It was everything I'd hoped for and more. Much better than Yaeger's book in my opinion, yours is a real masterpiece with insightful detail and valuable information on each and every page. The photos are also extremely helpful and now I know I was close to another camp site last summer without even realizing it. I just needed that final piece of the puzzle and will be heading there once the snow melts. Armed with your tips I expect to find many more artifacts. I especially appreciate your idea of getting into the mindset of the ancients as it is something I have done while out in the field. Thanks again and take care. Mike - Minnesota
Mr Baxter, A couple years ago I bought your book "How to Find Indian Arrowheads and other Ancient Artifacts" at the Marin County Indian Art Show. I read the book right away then put it on my shelf (after letting my mom read it). Then I picked it up again and read it another time, this time more slowly. Sure enough I went back to my spots on your advice of rechecking a place during optimum conditions and the next day I found a nice black obsidian arrowhead, a stones throw from a shopping mall! Later that week I found another one at a different spot. Thanks to you I've started labeling my finds. Some day I'll send you photos of the different things in my collection. I find it odd that I only have a couple friends besides my mom who are interested in finding these ancient treasures. I guess that means less competition for me but I know serious collectors are always searching...Thanks for a great book. I'm a fan! Sincerely, D.C.

Hello Terry! I bought your book a few years back and I told you when we talked on the phone that I would keep you posted of my progress. I've looked my whole life and I'm happy to say I finally found my first point! I read your book several times and looked for years and never gave up. I used the techniques I learned from you with much success. I've been in several plowed fields and especially those close to swampy type lakes. I found a few fields that almost ran right into the water and the roads were covered with flint. I was with a friend and we worked this cotton field on the rows at the lowest points which were closest to the water and the ones that were still muddy or pooling. I've found several points and partials as well as lots of broken blades. My friend has done well too. The rock here in Arkansas is beautiful and some of the lithics are a deep maroon and cream color. Just wanted to say thanks for all the tips in the book that led me to my first actual find! I've sent some pictures of the field and some in situ photos. So far the hardest part is getting back in the car and leaving the field!  Michael (Michael's photos are shown below:)

One of our customers sent in a couple of in-situ photos of his finds, and I asked him if the book helped him out with any good tips, to which he replied:
Yes, your book surprised me on where to look...I had no idea to look in certain spots, but it makes perfect sense. A friend of mine suggested I check out this one cemetery and to my surprise I found a partial arrowhead, just as your book stated. Also I've been able to identify artifacts that I wasn't completely sure of what they were or if they were artifacts at all.... Money well spent...Thanks!!
Well, even though endorsements further down were submitted earlier, I just had to move this one up to the top... It's from one of our earliest customers to purchase the book, telling of her finding artifacts by using the techniques she learned from our book:
Woooo Hooo Terry, I did it!!!!‏
I just got back from Northern Nevada looking for artifacts (on private property). Following the advice in your book (since I've read it 3 times) I concentrated in an area that had a lot of flakes and chips. FIRST I found a small, nice little blade; then nature called and since there were 9 of us roaming around in the area I walked over to a sand dune behind a large sage brush to answer the call of nature. (sorry, but this is the way it happened). While there I was eye level with the base of the sage brush and I saw this interesting rock underneath it, so I pulled it out.....it is an effigy of a beetle type bug...a beauty and the find of my lifetime I'm sure! Thank you Terry for writing such a wonderful book.                                 Linda (Linda and her pumice stone zoomorphic figurine are pictured below:)
And we have another GREAT BOOK REVIEW from the G.I.R.S. (Genuine Indian Relics Collector Society) in their latest Prehistoric American publication (Vol. XLIV, Number 3, 2010) They mostly used my description of the book and it's contents, finishing the review with their own opinion: "Baxter's book is an excellent resource for the beginner, and a great review for the seasoned collector"... thanks, Gene!
Not to toot my own horn... Well, what the heck, it's my website... I "think" I'm allowed... (Don't worry, I won't let it go to my head!)...
Gary Fogelman was kind enough to give us a MOST FAVORABLE Book Review in his latest Indian Artifacts Magazine (Vol. 29-2, May 2010) which in part stated:
"Written in a very easy to read and comprehend manner, it's immediately apparent the author is 'one of us'." (I consider that to be an extremely high complement, Gary, Thank-you!)  
...Gary further states: "A strong point from my perspective are the various precautions to be undertaken before going afield. One would do well to read these no matter where you are from or where you are collecting." 
..."The section on the various ways to locate and identify possible site locations, and the variety of sites to look for, is most interesting and contains information that will be useful to all collectors."  
..."I recommend it highly, there's a boatload of useful, helpful and enlightening information." Gary L. Fogelman
Thank-you for taking the time to give my book such a GREAT review, Gary, I know you're a very busy man, and this was GREATLY Appreciated!
Just wanted to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed your book. It is far more informative than any book I have ever read in the past and very easy reading; also enjoyed your humor. When I'm with my hunting buddies in California or Nevada, they take me to their proven hunting spots, so it's hard for me to know how to locate any of my own spots in Texas, but now I know how to go about it! I have already started working on the maps and I will let you know if I have any success. I am so glad you took the time to write that book and share your knowledge with people like myself.
Linda - Texas
Thank-you, Linda!... I think the thing I'm most proud of is, it's the first (and only) book which brings arrowhead and artifact hunting into the 21st century by using 21st century technology as part of the process... not to mention that I dug back more than 15 years into my photo library of sites I have discovered or visited and hunted myself in the past to give solid examples of what to look for... I know that if anyone tries even half of the suggestions made in my book, they'll increase their odds of finding ancient artifacts 10-fold! Send me some photos of your finds when you get out in the field. regards, Terry
I just received my Western Artifacts limited edition collectors book, and I want to say thanks! It is full of very useful hunting techniques that I never thought of. I can't put the book down! I think I will put the book in a display case because it IS a G -10 artifact! This is my favorite book and I have many! I'm going hunting today and Saturday, the rain will help uncover some points I hope. My hunting buddies and I throw on the rain gear and go in the rain, with great success.
Fred - California
Thank-you, Fred!... Funny you should mention hunting in the rain, because it's one of my many suggestions contained in the book... I'm sure you're going to have a good laugh when you get to that part!
Terry, just had the chance to (finally) sit down over the past couple of days and enjoy your book – great job and thank you! As the weather begins to lend itself to being outside, I really look forward to taking advantage of all that you’ve taught me. THANK YOU, and congratulations on work done extremely well!
Ken - California
Hi Terry, thank you for getting back to me. I received the book yesterday and man is it GOOD! I love it. Thank you so much for writing this book !            
Kurt - Washington
I received your new book last Thursday and read it completely that evening, and have already re-read it 2 times since then. It is easily the Best Book available on hunting Arrowheads and other artifacts, that I have ever read.. The chapters flow in an easy fashion, yet are packed with useful information... The color pictures really add to the information and really round out the Book.. even though I've been hunting points for 16 plus years, I definitely Learned a Handful of Useful tips... I will most certainly recommend Your book to anyone interested in getting into Hunting Artifacts.       Thanks for writing it!!!!
Dean - California
Your book arrived and I read it cover to cover in an hour. Now I am on my third time through. It has opened my eyes to so much around here. I started searching farmers fields yesterday and found dozens of pieces of obsidian in my first outing. I am also going to dedicate my summer and fall to locating ancient sites. Thanks again for sharing your
knowledge and for signing my book!! Thanks Terry!


One suggestion we made in our book on How to Find Indian Arrowheads is to locate older, out-of-print amateur archaeologists' publications for your hunting areas of interest. We are fortunate to be able to offer one of these Californian publications on CD named "Digger's Digest":

Digger's Digest On CD!

We feel VERY privileged to be able to offer the complete set of "Digger's Digest" on CD. This was an archaeological publication covering digs, sites and all of the great old-time collections in Northern and Central California during the 1960's published by the Northwestern Archaeological Society. It is now out of print, and extremely difficult to find, until now. The CD contains all 33 issues of Digger's Digest as well as the 18 "Secondary Chips" papers. These are priced at $25, which includes shipping. To order one of these simply click on the link below and send the email... it's all auto-magic! tbaxter999@gmail.com
The Digger's Digest now has it's own webpage where you can view excerpts from this out-of-print publication by clicking on the link: Digger's Digest Page

End of How To Find Arrowheads Book page


If you would like to receive an email notification whenever this website is updated, simply click on the
link below, and send the email. You don't have to enter anything in the email, it's all auto-magic !
Notify me of updates: tbaxter999@gmail.com









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