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Archaic Page 5 Page 6   Page 1     Page 2   Page 3 Page 4  
This page features Ancient Indian arrowheads and artifacts from the Archaic time era which are between 3,000 to 10,000 years old!

Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Bynum Provenance: Price
RPAR185 A very attractive and small (for type) off-white/tan chert Bynum Arrowhead which is well made with Recovered from 150.00
thorough flaking patterns on both faces. It has a single, short, 3/16" long vertical step just to the right White County, Indiana
of the center on side B (right side in photo 4) and appears to be "all there". A superior point
  Era: Early Archaic Period - 8,500 years old Ex: Greg Perino
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Pedernales Knife Blade Provenance: Price
RPAR186 A fairly large and sturdy medium-gray chert Pedernales Knife Blade. It's Recovered from 150.00
well flaked on both faces and obviously well-used, having been anciently Bastrop County, Texas
re-sharpened many times.
  Era: Middle Archaic to Woodland Period - 2,000 to 6,000 years old Ex: Greg Perino
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Dalton Provenance: Price
RPAR187 A medium reddish-brown chert Dalton Dart Point which is a tad on the rustic side Recovered from the Sulphur River 85.00
and which appears to have substantial river polish which subdues the flaking patterns. in Lamar County, Texas
  Era: Early Archaic Period - 9,200 to 10,000 years old Ex: Greg Perino

Item: Type: Copena Provenance: Price
TWBAR10 A very nice, colorful mottled blue chert Copena-Round base  Undocumented, 75.00
  blade form which retains sections of lighter brown on both faces possibly Ohio 50.00
  from the original host stone's outer layers. Flaking outside of    
  these layers is very thorough and well done on both faces. The    
  base is slightly irregular, most likely from slight hafting damage    
  sustained during ancient usage. Still an attractive piece    

Item: Type: Thebes Provenance: Price
TWBAR11 A VERY LARGE fairly broad and quite sturdy off-white burlington chert Thebes Blade Only documented as 650.00
  form. It retains 2 flatter areas on side A left from the original percussion flaking stage, and being found in Missouri 300.00
  side B has 1 "dig section" at the hafting line (left side in photo 5) from an overly aggressive    
  indirect percussion, thinning flake strike. It also has a fair sized "dip" on side B near the    
  horizontal mid-line (photo 5) where flaking from the percussion stage took off more than     
  what I'm sure the ancient knapper intended. Secondary pressure flaking is well done, but is    
  almost exclusively isolated to the cutting edges of the blade. Although the ancient knapper    
  seems to have been experienced enough, I get the impression that for the manufacture of    
  this blade, he had the attitude of "only the necessary". Still a piece which displays well. Jackson COA  

Item: Type: Elk River Provenance: Price
TWBAR13 A little bit rustic, but well formed mottled blue-gray Kentucky Recovered from 65.00
  hornstone Elk River knife form very thoroughly flaked on both Jackson Co., TN 50.00
  faces and having a somewhat asymmetrical form due to it's use    
  and ancient re-sharpenings as a knife blade. Raggio COA  

Item: Type: Dovetail Provenance: Price
RPAR35 A gorgeous and quite long (for type) very light green chert Dovetail Knife/dart Recovered from 2400.00
  form thoroughly and very well flaked on both faces with good, detailed  Darke Co., OH  
  secondary pressure flaking around it's edges. It has a single, thin crystal inclusion    
  line running horizontally through it's midsection (photos 5 & 6) and it has good    
  basal grinding. A very superior example of this highly desirable point type. Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Scotts Bluff Provenance: Price
RPAR52 A VERY thin light gray and tan-brown flint Scotts Bluff dart Recovered from 450.00
  point showing very good and thorough transverse flaking Toledo Bend Lake,  
  patterns on both faces. It has a very slight ancient nibble to the Louisiana  
  tip and it's a little rough around the edges, but this is as it was    
  made and used. Just a very fine example of this desirable type. Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Stillwell Provenance: Price
RPAR44 A very light greenish-blue-gray chert Stillwell blade form well flaked on both  Recovered from 300.00
  faces by an experienced knapper. All edges show good secondary pressure Brown Co., IL  
  flaking with the center of side B showing more remnants of broader     
  percussion flake scars than appear on side A. It has a very small ancient nick    
  to one edge (right edge in photos 1 & 3) with another, slightly larger recent     
  nick below the ancient nick on the same edge. Still an attractive, respectably    
  sized ancient piece dating between 7,000 and 9,000 years old. Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Hemphill Provenance: Price
RPAR42 A very long, extremely well made glossy white burlington chert Recovered from 750.00
  Hemphill showing thorough, superior flaking patterns on both Benton Co., AR  
  faces by a very advanced knapper. Quite an exceptional piece Ex: Greg Perino  
  and one of the best examples of this type we've ever seen. Rogers COA  

Item: Type: Marcos Provenance: Price
RPAR48 A good sized, quite thin semi-tranlucent honey colored agate/chert Recovered from 225.00
  Marcos Knife form who's host material strongly resembles Knife SE Texas  
  River Flint. It's very well flaked on both faces with detailed    
  secondary pressure flaking along all edges. Quite an attractive piece    
  dating back between 1,800 and 3,500 years old. Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Little River Knife Provenance: Price
RPAR50 A pretty nice, broad and good-sized pink and tan chert Little Recovered from 150.00
  River Knife form, which is well flaked on both faces with good SW Arkansas  
  secondary pressure flaking around the cutting edges. This one    
  dates back to the Archaic period and is between 3,000 and    
  5,000 years old. Not bad condition for a piece this old Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Graham Cave Provenance: Price
RPAR51 A very sturdy and attractive off-white, pink and beige burlington Recovered from 225.00
  chert Graham Cave dart point which is between 5,000 and Illinois  
  9,000 years old. It's very well flaked on both faces with good    
  secondary pressure flaking around it's edges. It has 2 pressure     
  flutes from the base of side A and basal thinning on side B and is    
  otherwise "all there" as it was anciently made and used. Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Dalton Provenance: Price
RPAR46 A semi-translucent, honey colored chert Dalton blade form which is Recovered from 125.00
  well flaked on both faces and which display HEAVY DUTY Tulsa Co., OK  
  beveling from many ancient resharpenings. The edges are nicely    
  serrated from the ancient reshapenings. Just an attractive piece Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: San Patrice Provenance: Price
RPAR39 A very attractive glossy black chert San Patrice dart point having 2 very Recovered from 140.00
  thin circular blue-gray veins running vertically from the base to almost McCurtain Co., OK  
  the tip. It shows remnants of basal fluting on both faces and it's quite    
  possible that this one was re-worked from an earlier period's fluted    
  point. It has slight ancient nicks to the tips of both barbs, but is still a    
  good looking point dating back between 8,000 and 10,000 years old. Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Lost Lake Provenance: Price
RPAR34 A flat matte tan chert Lost Lake blade form having non-descript Recovered from 175.00
  flaking patterns to both faces by a somewhat inexperienced  Kentucky  
  knapper. It shows heavy and steep left handed beveling on both    
  faces from many ancient re-sharpenings. Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Dickson Provenance: Price
CHAR4 A very good sized medium tan Edwards Plateau chert Dickson hafted Offered by the original 275.00
  Knife blade, well flaked on both faces with more intricate pressure finder(s) who recovered  
  flaking patterns along all cutting edges. It shows some usage wear this one from their own  
  marks to the cutting edges but is in overall great condition. property in Polk Co., TX  

Item: Type: Covington Knife Provenance: Price
CHAR1 A quite thick and sturdy dark brown, vertically banded agatized  Offered by the original 150.00
  wood Covington Knife blade having a single spoke shave worked finder(s) who recovered  
  into one cutting edge. It's well flaked on both faces although the this one from their own  
  flaking patterns are somewhat subdued owing to the nature of the property in Polk Co., TX  
  host stone material. It retains a vertical outer cortex section in the    
  center of side B, and is just quite a fascinating very ancient tool.   dlft1

Item: Type: Lost Lake Provenance: Price
DIAR2 A very stunning and quite colorful tan, red, mottled Recovered in SOLD 6/16
  gray, blue, orange, pink and cream colored Flint Putnam Co., OH  
  Ridge flint Lost Lake having multiple crystal veins    
  adding to it's already exceptional character. It's    
  very well flaked on both faces by a very advanced    
  knapper, although it does have a few slight steps Ex: Paul Paning  
  where the host stone didn't cooperate with the  Ex: Harold Christopher  
  knapping process. Just a great, outstanding artifact Davis COA (G9!)  

Item: Type: Pinetree Provenance: Price
DIAR1 An absolutely gorgeous light gray, tan and red Recovered in SOLD 6/16
  chert classic Pinetree, well flaked on both Harrison Co., IN  
  faces. It has a lateral shear, which was the    
  ancient knapper's "Oopsie" (as it was made) (details to buyer)  
  extending from one corner of the base,  Ex: Gene Lentz  
  diagonally to the top of one notch. (Photos 5 Jackson COA  

& 7) Still a highly attractive artifact

Davis COA (G10!)  

Item: Type: Graham Cave Provenance: Price
RPAR28 An attractive midnight blue flint Graham Cave Knife form having a Found in Louisiana 125.00
  single vertical black vein running down it's centerline. Both surfaces    
  show traces of the initial percussion flaking stage, with secondary     
  pressure flaking along all edges. It has a "hollow" section in the center    
  of side B where weaker sections of the host material fell away in    
  ancient times. It shows substantial river polish on both faces which    
  gave this piece a nice glossy appearance and smoothed out the    
  flaking ridgelines without detracting from the ancient flaking patterns. Ex: Perino  

Item: Type: Hidden Valley Knife Provenance: Price
RPAR29 A most impressive, for it's size and material, very long off-white chalcedony Recovered near 1000.00
  Hidden Valley Knife form having a bluish hue. The edges appear to have been Texarkana Lake,  
  intentionally "roughed out" by it's creator to better facilitate a good, serious Arkansas  
  "sawing" or cutting edge. It dates between 6000 and 8000 years old. Ex: Perino  

Item: Type: Greenbrier Provenance: Price
LSAR21 A fairly large off-white chalcedony Greenbrier blade Recovered in 75.00

showing heavy dark gray tannic river staining and nice

  basal grinding as testimony to it's early Archaic date    

Item: Type: Alamance Provenance: Price
LSAR24 A sturdy mottled light brown Dover Recovered in 45.00

chert Alamance dart point having a

Lee Co., MO  
  red tip, good thorough flaking and   Has Ancient Relics of the  
  an unfortunate slight chip to one ear. Mid-South's guarantee  
    of authenticity  

Item: Type: Archaic Dart Provenance: Price
LSAR35 A tannish Edwards chert Archaic Atlatl dart point with Pecos Valley, TX 25.00

frosty patination, a needle-sharp tip and an ancient gouge

  to one edge, just above the hafting area. Ancient     
  resharpenings were primarily focused around the tip area.    
  (The COA doesn't further specify the "type", but from    
  experience I would call this one a crude Angostura point) Stermer COA  

Item: Type: Pine Tree Provenance: Price
LSAR48 A very neat gray and tan chert Uncertain, but most 45.00

miniature Pine Tree arrowhead

likely Kentucky  
  having a couple of dark brown    
  bands. This one's really a charmer.    

Item: Type: Lanceolate Provenance: Price
LSAR52 A very archane mottled light This was a cave find in 75.00

gray chert Early Stemmed

Marshall, Arkansas  
  Lanceolate blade    

Item: Type: Nolan Provenance: Price
LSAR53 A rosy red and gray chert Nolan  Texas 70.00

hafted blade having a slightly curvy

  shape from ancient use and     
  resharpenings. Overall a thoroughly    
  worked piece having some ancient    
  damage to the bottom of the stem.    

Item: Type: Johnson Provenance: Price
LSAR63 A sturdy, fairly flat mottled Arkansas 25.00

pink, gray and purple chert

  Johnson dart point    

Item: Type: Beacon Island Provenance: Price
LSAR66 An interesting glossy gray-blue  Tennessee 25.00

chert Beacon Island arrowhead

  with a tannish-brown base    

Item: Type: Etley Provenance: Price
RPAR26 A very wicked mottled tan chert hook-nosed Etley Shaft Scraper Recovered from 250.00
  showing excellent mineralization. It's well flaked on both faces, mostly  NW Arkansas  
  by percussion flaking and has the slightest spider bite to the top edge at    
  the very end of the scraping hook. (photo 5) It kind of baffles me why,    
  with so much host stone material left, that this one would be relegated    
  to the simple task of scraping atlatl shafts, when a tool half it's size    
  could have been used just as well. I can only surmise that this was a    
  tool used with a dual purpose, probably as a Knife blade as well as a    
  shaft scraper, as was more common during the Paleo period. Ex: Perino  

Item: Type: Bajada Provenance: Price
LSAR109 A nice, sturdy light gray Otero Co., NM 75.00
  chert Bajada point    

Item: Type: Rio Grande Provenance: Price
LSAR108 A mottled brown, tan and   Otero Co., NM 75.00
  gray diagonally banded chert    
  Rio Grande dart point    

Item: Type: Palmillas Provenance: Price
LSAR103 An interesting grayish-purple chert Otero Co., NM 50.00
  Palmillas dart point. Flaking patterns      
  are thorough but mostly nondescript    

Item: Type: Lerma Provenance: Price
LSAR69 A most interesting and attractive blue  Central Texas 40.00

chert Lerma knife blade showing quite

  a few sections of the original white     
  rind from the host stone. It has a slight    
  ancient clip travelling over the surface    
  of the face of side B from the tip, and     
  shows as the lighter triangular section    
  at the tip in the 4th photograph    

Item: Type: Escobas Provenance: Price
MCAR2 A light blue-gray and tan chert Escobas Knife form, well flaked on Found near Albuquerque, NM 125.00
  both faces, mostly by percussion flaking with very fine pressure flaking    
  to the cutting edges in a right handed bevel fashion. It's fairly thick and    
  sturdy as most knife forms are and it has good basal grinding.    

Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Dalton Provenance: Price
RPAR113 A somewhat under-sized (for type) semi-translucent light gray novaculite Dalton Dart Recovered from 125.00
point having very nice basal grinding. It's thoroughly flaked on both faces in a mostly McCurtain Co., OK
random pattern by an experienced knapper who appears to have been bored while
flaking this piece, as the patterns portray a lackadaisical attitude during it's manufacture
Era: Early Archaic - 9,200 to 10,000 years old Ex: Greg Perino

Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Gary Needle-Tip Drill Provenance: Price
RPAR114 A very attractive tan jasper Gary Needle-Tip Drill having red vertical banding. This Found by Greg Perino 30.00
one is a bit unusual in that many Drills were manufactured from salvaged, damaged in Choctaw Co., OK
arrowheads, but this tool was intended to be a drill from day 1 of it's manufacture.
(unless it was salvaged from a much smaller Gary point, which is always a possibility)
Era: Late Archaic to Early Woodland - 1,000 to 3,200 years old Ex: Greg Perino

Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Dalton Provenance: Price
RPAR115 An interesting yellow, red and glossy green-brown chert Dalton Dart point which is well flaked Recovered from 75.00
on both faces with minute edge serrations. I believe that this one has been substantially Hempstead Co., AR
worked-down during ancient times and was at least twice the size it is now, judging from the
basal width to point length ratio, as well as the position of the "hafting stop" on side B, which is
in the middle of this point, terminating a pressure flute. An attractive little dart point.
Era: Early Archaic - 9,200 to 10,000 years old Ex: Greg Perino

Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Gary Provenance: Price
RPAR116 A HUGE (for type) and very attractive semi-translucent off-white and smoky gray Recovered from 275.00
novaculite Gary knife form. The flaking patterns on this beauty are quite diversified on Clay Co., AR
each face, with side A having mostly percussion flaking patterns in the center, with
secondary pressure flaking patterns along it's edges, while side B shows much more
indirect percussion flaking in a random flaking pattern. The edges of this monster show
typical knife usage smoothing of the edges. Quite a respectable and attractive piece
Era: Late Archaic to Early Woodland - 1,000 to 3,200 years old Ex: Greg Perino

Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Dawson Provenance: Price
RPAR118 A somewhat lop-sided burgundy and red chert Dawson stemmed dart point which is Recovered from 35.00
well flaked on both faces, although in different styles, by an experienced knapper. It McCurtain Co., OK
has no recent nor modern damage, and is essentially "all there" as it was last used by
it's ancient owner, but it must have been used as a small knife blade, as there's no other
explanation for the straight-edge and missing tang on the right side in photo 2 above.
Era: Mid-Archaic - 4,000 to 7,000 years old Ex: Greg Perino
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Scottsbluff Provenance: Price
DFAR11 A very stubby, obviously very worked-down diagonally banded gray obsidian Found in Prineville, Crook Co., 150.00
Scottsbluff Blade which is thoroughly if not intricately flaked on both faces by a Oregon during the 1920's 110.00
most advanced knapper. This baby must have seen countless years of service,
and what ever is left of it after repeated ancient resharpenings is "all there" with
the exception of an ancient nick to it's tip. (photos 6 & 8) Judging from the base
to length ratio, this piece was at least 2-1/2 times as long when it was first made
Era: Early Archaic - 8,000 to 10,000 years old Stermer COA

Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Samantha Dart Provenance: Price
ASAR51 A (somewhat) semi-translucent clear agate Samantha Dart point which retains sections of white Found on private land in 35.00
chert, through and through. It's fairly thin and well worked on both faces by a determined Cherry County, Nebraska
intermediate knapper. The general, overall appearance is somewhat ragged with an ancient near the Snake River
nick to the tip of one corner of the stem. It also has a very slight lateral fracture from the tip
Era: Archaic Period - 1,500 to 2,200 years old

Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Besant Provenance: Price
ASAR58 A fairly large (for type) thick and sturdy blue-gray and tan chert Besant hafted knife Found on private land in 30.00
blade which was anciently re-sharpened down to about half of it's original size Cherry County, Nebraska
Era: Archaic Period - 1,500 to 1,900 years old near the Snake River

Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Besant Provenance: Price
ASAR59 A semi-translucent white agate/chert Besant Arrowhead which is fairly thin and Found on private land in 22.00
well worked by a novice knapper. It has nicking to the tip as well as to the ears Cherry County, Nebraska
of the base and along it's edges. Priced accordingly near the Snake River
Era: Archaic Period - 1,500 to 1,900 years old

Item: Type: Angostura Provenance: Price
RPAR9 A pretty nice off-white chert Angostura dart point having Recovered in 200.00
  reddish-brown mineral inclusions which give it a slightly  Bastrop Co., TX  
  veined pattern. It's well flaked (although not exceptionally    
  so) on both faces to a median ridge. It has nice desert     
  polish, good mineralization and basal grinding. Not a bad Ex: Patterson  
  specimen, not one to jump up and down about (unless Ex: Greg Perino  
  you were the original finder), but not a bad piece. Collection  

Item: Type: Dovetail Blade Provenance: Price
RPAR10 A very attractive, 2-shades of light blue flint Dovetail Blade Form  Recovered in 150.00
  which, despite numerous ancient re-sharpenings is still quite a sturdy Bond Co., IL  
  piece. It's thoroughly and well flaked on both faces with moderate    
  left handed beveling. It has good basal grinding and is asymmetrical    
  from ancient sharpenings, so much so on the left edge in photo 2,    
  that I'm surprised it didn't take out the thinnish barb above the Ex: Marion Dickson  
  notch, but this little guy still hung in there! Quite a pretty piece. Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Mehlville Knife Provenance: Price
RPAR14 A VERY large and impressive white burlington chert Late Recovered in 625.00
  Archaic Mehlville Knife form having very deep basal Lewis Co., MO  
  notches. Flaking is mostly percussion and is thorough on    
  both faces with secondary pressure flaking around all of the    
  edges. Essentially a problem-free monster of an artifact Ex: Greg Perino, Tom Davis,  
  which deserves centerpiece status in a worthy collection. Martin, Swanger collections  
  An Interesting Addition of Information: I received an email from a former owner of this beauty, and I thought that his comments were worthy of sharing here:    
  Hello this is Scott Swanger I was looking through your web site and saw one of my old points on there RPAR14 Mehlville. Just wanted to pass along some info on the point, in the late 1990's Denny Ross put out sets of collector cards that had indian relics on them called Ross Collector Cards Prehistoric Artifacts of Early Man. He used some of my relics and that Mehlville was one of them. It is card #87 in the 1996 set.    

Item: Type: Dovetail Preform Provenance: Price
RPAR15 A LARGE off-white, tan and light gray burlington chert Recovered in 550.00
  Dovetail Preform which was probably used as a  Calhoun Co., IL  
  butchering knife blade in the interim. Quite an exceptional    
  piece formed by mostly percussion flaking and having     
  some (sparse) secondary pressure flaking to the edges. A Ex: Greg Perino  
  great candidate for the centerpiece of a worthy collection. Collection  

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