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After a full year and a half in the works, I finally completed my book on How to Find Indian Arrowheads and other Ancient Artifacts and Relics... Click on the book's cover below for information on how to order as well as to see what other customers have said about this book:

Our Website's Bookstore

  This page has books on every topic surrounding the Native American Indian's  
  way of life that we could think of, from artifacts, to petroglyphs, to lifestyles.  
  We hope you find it interesting. By clicking on the link above the author's    
  name, you can view the particulars about each book without being obligated to  
  purchase it. If there is no "best price" listed under the author's name, the book  
  is temporarily out of stock.  
I have seen THE SAME book listed with prices ranging from 3.00 to more
than 70.00 with no "great" difference in the condition of the book, so
shop wisely, and if a price seems to be unreasonable, have patience, sooner 
or later it WILL be offered at a reasonable price, since these books are offered
by different sources throughout the United States. Also, don't neglect to use
the "feedback" link on each book's description page, in order to see what
others have said about the book... it often helps when trying to decide if a
book is worth purchasing or not. And finally, don't shy away from the "Used" links,
often brand NEW books will be listed under this category at bargain prices !
Book Store Index:
Greg Perino's Out-of-print Arrowhead Books
How to find Arrowheads and other artifacts
How to "date" and classify Arrowheads and relics
How to detect fake and altered Indian artifacts
Artifact related book listings
Petroglyphs (Indian "Rock Art")
Native American Indians' way of life
BOOK REVIEW - OUR opinion on certain books


Greg Perino out-of-print BOOK OFFERING

We have a limited supply of the out-of-print books titled "Selected Preforms, Points and Knives of the North American Indians" written by Greg Perino, who was considered by many to be "The Master" in the artifact authenticating world. These can be ordered by simply clicking on the email link below, and by sending the email. (You don't have to enter anything in the body of the email) You will be contacted by email to complete the order:
Selected Preforms, Volume 3 - $150 (Postage included)
Selected Preforms, Volume 2 (Unsigned) - $250 (Postage included) Please note, the supply of these is running VERY short! (less than 10 left)
Selected Preforms, Volume 2 (Signed copy) - $275 (Postage included) Please note, the supply of these is running VERY short! (less than 10 left)
Volume 2 starts with the arrowhead Abbey type and ends with the Zella type. there are a total of 302 points illustrated and described. some of these are Andice, backed knives, Dawson, First view, Goshen, Howard county, Massard, Nebo hill, Paisano, Raccoon, Stockton, Turin, Ulu, and Washita northern variety.
PLEASE NOTE: ALL of the Volume 2 books were stored in the author's garage for more than 10 years, and
all of these have some very slight, spotty "age discoloration" to the outer edges of some of the pages... despite
this minor shortcoming, we still guarantee complete customer satisfaction.
Volume 3 starts with the Acatta arrowhead type and ends with the Zora type, with a total of 256 point types covered. Some of those included are Armijo, bear arrow, belen, cobbs triangular, dane sharkstooth, frederick, folsom unfluted, glendo, jeff, kirk, oxbow, pedernales, pinwah, pulaski, st marion, steiner, tulare lake, and trujilo.


Books on how to find Indian Arrowheads:

  Arrowheads & Stone Artifacts: A Practical Guide for the Amateur  
  Archaeologist by C.G.Yeager  
  In our (now) somewhat prejudiced opinion, this one is the second best guide for finding ancient arrowheads and artifacts. The reason I like this one is because of itís organization. It first covers the legal aspects of our hobby (the author is a lawyer himself) and then it goes on to educate the reader about lithic types which were used for ancient tools, how artifacts were made and it also has a good section depicting "types" of arrowheads and other stone tools with sketches and photographs, and of course itís two most important sections are titled "Where artifacts are found" and "How to hunt for artifacts". Basically this is a great "primer" for artifact hunters and it rounds-out the knowledge presented in my upcoming book. (I also like it because it's VERY inexpensive, for the information it imparts.)  
  Click on the Blue Link below the book to view or purchase this book.    
  By clicking on the Blue Link button below the books, you will NOT be  
  obligated to purchase the book, and you can view all of the information  
  about the book before making a decision.  
  Hint: Check out the table of contents !  
  The third book I recommend for pointers on how to find ancient artifacts is shown below; This one is not as "light" of a reading as the book above, and definitely has a HEAVY Archaeological "slant" with an emphasis on conducting organized and documented excavations (even of burials)... so it's intended as a "primer" for the serious Archaeology student. It has a few GREAT features, one being, it covers in more detail how to locate potential Archaeological sites for excavation and covers the incorporation of topology maps in your search. The 5 appendixes are VERY useful, as they list information by each state for Archaeological sites open to the public (and visiting these sites is one of my personal hunting techniques, as it provides insight as to what sort of terrain and land features you should be on the lookout for when searching for your own sites), Archaeological societies which you can join, listed again by state, a good listing of museums, etc. It has both photographs and professionally drawn pictures of artifacts and sites and even covers recording methods as well as artifact preservation techniques. Although most of the information in this book is "timeless", meaning that it still applies in this day and age, it was copyrighted in 1965, so the information given on museums and societies may no longer apply. Still a great read !  
  NOTE: The average price for this book "should be" between $9 and $20... avoid temporary "inflated pricing"!  
  Books on how to classify Indian artifacts:  
  Okay... now that you've used the guides above, and have come back with buckets of Arrowheads... it might be nice to be able to "classify" them, buckets of Arrowheads... it might be nice to be  
  able to "classify" them, as to "type name", age and value... here is a link to what has often been called "The Arrowhead Collectors' Bible"... It is Overstreet's guide to the Identification and price  
  guide to Indian Arrowheads by Robert M. Overstreet... this too is a "MUST HAVE"... and covers EVERY angle imaginable about Arrowheads, from the flaking styles, to grading and much  
  much more... it contains photographs of EVERY known type of Arrowhead throughout the ENTIRE United States and even includes Alaska... just to give an idea of how much information this  
  book contains, it is 1-5/8" thick, and is comprised of about 90% photographs !!! The 13th Edition is the latest Overstreet guide released but this one's by a new publisher, and we haven't had  
  time to check it out... the 12th edition is very respectible, so I've listed both below, so you can choose.  
  Other artifact related books:  
  And here are more books on Indian Artifacts available through  
  Amazon.com: I've listed the many books written by Lar Hothem first,  
  as his publications tend to be very consistent and are usually packed  
  with page after page of mostly black & white photos with pricing and  
  minimal text, although he did tend to focus mainly on the mid-western  
  states. The exception to this is his book on "Paleo Indian Artifacts",  
  the first one shown below, which is in ALL COLOR and a MUST  
  HAVE for Paleo collectors everywhere with literally TONS of photos   
  of some great Paleo material ! (Amazing, when this book first came  
  out, it was priced at 30.00 PLUS shipping ! Now it's priced around  
  14.00... a real bargain !)  
  How to detect fake and altered Indian artifacts:  
And... I am VERY sorry to say... there ARE FAKE arrowheads and
  artifacts out there which some unscrupulous people try to sell as being  
  authentic... The Book below, written by Jim Bennett, is the single best  
  resource for being able to tell the "Real Deal" from junk created by  
  modern Arti-fakers: Jim has a most refreshing writing style and explains  
  every "feature" to look for, when judging an item to be authentic or  
  fake and has A LOT of color photographs as examples of these  
  features. Without using technical (and boring) terms, Jim imparts a lot  
  of knowledge, not only on how to determine reproduction (fake)  
  artifacts, but more importantly, how to determine if an ancient artifact  
  has been "altered" in modern times... when I first bought Jim's book, I  
  couldn't put it down until I had read the entire book... and then, I  
  immediately re-read it !... it's that interesting !...  
   (To quote Eddy Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop, Trust me !)  
  Books on Petroglyphs (Indian "Rock Art"):  
  Native American Indians' way of life:  
"Other" books which we recommended in our book on "How to find Indian Arrowheads"
Amazon's Best Books Of The Month


Book Review  
  Our candid opinions on books we've read  
  Artifact Related  
    Arrowheads and Stone Artifacts by C.G. Yeager  
    This is the second book I recommend to everyone who is interested in hunting for artifacts on their own. Highly recommended. Ideal price: 20.00 (or less)  
    The Amateur Archaeologistís Handbook by Maurice Robbins  
    This is the third book which I recommend to artifact hunters to help them in their quest... it's a little bit more scientific than "Arrowheads and Stone Artifacts" and covers MANY more and diverse topics, but it does center around "digging" and all of the necessary steps to organize, carry out and record an archaeological dig. Still, it's an inexpensive book, and has a lot to offer. The examples given in how to use a Topology map to locate potential hunting sites alone make this book worth it's price. Ideal price: 20.00 (or less)  

  Overstreet Identification and price guide to Indian Arrowheads by Robert M. Overstreet

    This is a must have, if you're a moderate to serious collector of Arrowheads. It's the arrowhead collectors' "Bible", and no other works can compare to the thoroughness of this one. Ideal price: Well... it's retail price is around 30.00, so if you find it for less than this amount, it's a good price  
    Authenticating ancient Indian artifacts: how to recognize reproduction and altered artifacts by Jim Bennett  
    If you regularly buy arrowheads on Ebay, or buy artifacts from artifact shows, this one is a MUST HAVE... in order to keep from getting cheated. The writer has an excellent and entertaining style, and for the topics he covers, no other book out there is it's equal for determining if an artifact is genuine and not modernly altered.  
    Indian & Eskimo Artifacts of North America by Charles Miles  
    All I can say is "I'M IMPRESSED !!!". If there is a single item that the Native American Indians made which isn't pictured in this book, I have no idea what it could possibly be. This book contains TONS of (Black & White) photos of everything imaginable, from bows and arrows to baskets, hunting utilities, food processing relics, footwear and clothing, adornments, gaming and more. Although it doesn't cover "types of Arrowheads" like Overstreet's book covers, for the breadth of artifacts covered in this publication, Charles did a VERY thorough job !... If you've ever held an artifact in your hand and asked yourself "What the heck is it ?", then this book's for you ! A GREAT book to learn more about all of the different types of relics created and used by the Native Americans in the pre-Columbian days ! (Better, still... I was able to get my copy for only 2.99, plus shipping... a solid bargain !) Ideal price: 20.00 or less  
    ALL of Lar Hothem's Books  
    I can wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend ALL of Lar Hothem's books. Lar was very consistent with his "style", and I would suggest purchasing one, to see what his style truly is, and then judge from there whether to buy more or not. Basically his publications have page after page of black & white artifact photos, organized by Period (Paleo, Archaic, etc.) which is very helpful in determining which artifacts were "diagnostic" for any given period. He did tend to favor mid-western material, but he also covered topics which are not to be found in any other publications. The "average" price for his books SHOULD BE between 15.00 to 20.00, and if a particular book is listed for more, I think I'd play the waiting game to get a better price. One which is definitely UNDERPRICED (currently around 14.00) is his book on "Paleo Indian Artifacts"... this is a hard-bound book just LOADED with TONS of FULL COLOR photographs of Paleo "Arrowheads" and tools. (More than 340 pages worth !!!) Definitely a book to drool over. One of his lesser publications, "Arrowheads and Projectile Points" doesn't follow his "large book" format, but is still a decent buy, currently listed around 2.95. Ideal price: 15.00 or less  
    The Who's Who Series  
    These are a series of hard-bound books featuring many of the old-time and high-end collectors' collections in full color. I consider these to be a "boredom buy", (and an expensive one at that)... although I don't own any of these myself, I've seen other people's copies, and I'm just luke-warm to this series as they do tend to be pricey, without offering significant educational value.  
  California Archaeology by Michael J. Moratto  
    This is a MUST HAVE IF you live in California, and intend to hunt for artifacts in California... otherwise, this one's not for you. It lists EVERY registered and documented Native American Indian site recorded in the state, and offers an abundance of GREAT knowledge coupled with good black & white photographs, maps and scientific analysis. The original printings are being offered at this time for as high as 300.00, but there is no reason to pay this ridiculous price, as the book was FINALLY re-printed recently, and I believe a "fair price" for the reprint (which is identical to the original) is around 40.00. My main complaint on this one is, it doesn't have very many photographs at all... it IS scientifically oriented, and can be somewhat of a "dry read"... again, if you're hunting in California, this one's for you, otherwise, spend your money on something else. Ideal price: anything under the retail of 40.00 is good  
    Stone Age On The Columbia River by Emory Strong  
    If you're into Columbia River items, this is a must have. Emory has a very entertaining writing style, and covers a lot of Lewis and Clark's expedition on the Great Columbia River. It alternates between notes from this expedition and more recent times and finds from this area. A GREAT read ! Ideal price: 20.00 or less  
    Stone Age In The Great Basin by Emory Strong  
    The same applies to Emory Strong's second book. A great read with many photographs IF you're into material from the Great Basin. Ideal price: 20.00 or less  
  The Amateur Archaeologist in the Great Basin by L.J. Ettinger  
  Frankly, I was disappointed with this one. It's a small paperback, having only 116 pages. The author covers some boring topics, such as the migration of early man and climate changes, and, although he does list "sites" in the Great Basin, he doesn't go into any depth in covering specific sites at all. He does cover the laws surrounding our hobby, but basically I don't think that he offers any information in this book which couldn't be readily found on the internet today. A boredom buy at best. (I've removed it's listing from our Artifact books section)  
    Stone age spear and arrow points of California and the Great Basin by Noel D. Justice  
    Revised review pending           Ideal price: 25.00 or less  
    Stone age spear and arrow points of the Midcontinental and Eastern United States by Noel D. Justice  
    Revised review pending    Ideal price: 22.00 or less  
    Ancient tribes of the Klamath Country by Carrol Howe  
    This one is for "Columbia River" collectors... it's a paper-back having a fair number of black & white photographs, and a lot of text. Not a bad purchase for around 12.00... news flash... currently this one is listed on Amazon.com for 8.95 all the way up to 250.96 !!!, come on now... GIVE ME A BREAK !!!... this is a dinky little paper-back book... 250.00 dollars ?!?!?!... shop carefully, my friends ! Ideal price: 20.00 or less  
    Silent Arrows, Indian Lore and Artifact Hunting by Earl F. Moore  
  This one reads like Earl's own private diary, of visiting sites and having great successes "back in the day"... He's an old time hunter, and a brave one at that, who has a casual and somewhat entertaining writing style. This book has A LOT of black and white photos to drool over, many of them taken "out in the field". He does mention specific sites and shows his personal finds from these sites, although he doesn't provide useful maps to get there, still an entertaining read.  
  Petroglyphs - Rock Art  
    My apologies, since Petroglyphs are outside of my area of expertise, I can offer no opinion on the petroglyph books.  
  Native American Indians Way Of Life  
    The Ohlone Way  
    This one's a GREAT book if you live in California or have any interest in the Ohlone tribe from California.  
    My apologies, since basketry is outside of my area of expertise, I can offer no opinion on the basketry books.  
  Books NOT TO BUY  
    How to find Indian relics of different types, and how and where to sell them by James L Hill  
    This one can't even be called a book... it's more of a pamphlet having just a tad over 50 pages and is very amateurish. Although I'm sure that the author was well-meaning in his efforts to share his knowledge, he falls way short in the department of professional thoroughness. The section regarding where to look for artifacts fills less than half a page and although it does have a few good photographs, I wouldn't pay more than 3 or 4 dollars for this one, and that INCLUDES postage !  

End of our website's book store Page (In association with Amazon.com)


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