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RARE Effigy Artifacts - Page 1 

This page contains some of the absolute rarest artifacts manufactured by the Ancient Native Americans, many of which are truly One-of-a-kind, Unique Museum specimens. Included in this category of ancient relics are: Carved statues, Zoomorphic figurines and Effigy stone bowls.



Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: High Plains Bird Effigy Provenance: Price
ELEA1 An extremely rare speckled granite High Plains Whip-poor-will Found at Spiritwood 2,650.00
  bird effigy in very good condition. It comes with a Jeb Taylor Lake in the 1920's in  
  artifact evaluation dated 10/20/08. It measures 6.8” long  x Stuttsman County,  
  3.8” wide x 3.5” tall. North Dakota  
    Ex: Gary Leppart  

Item: Type: Fired Clay Idol/Effigy Provenance: Price
TSCEA1 A very unusual and VERY rare, nicely hand-shaped Anasazi fired clay anthropomorphic Recovered on a 3,500.00
  Idol/Human female effigy figure dating between 900 A.D. to 1050 A.D. This rare item private ranch near  
  measures 5" high x 2-1/2" wide and is actually a very dark chocolate brown/charcoal Chaco Canyon, Arizona  
  black in color, although I greatly lightened up the photos to show it's detail. This is a one-    
  of-a-kind museum piece folks, the likes of which I've never seen offered for sale in this size Stermer COA dlpo

End of Rare Effigy Artifacts page 1

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