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Indian arrowheads and other ancient relics from the Far Western regions which includes the Great Basin

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLFW2 A fairly long black obsidian Wahmuza Offered by the finder who 350.00
  blade having nice oblique transverse  recovered this one in  
  flaking patterns with a nick to the very tip Owyhee Co., ID  
  and slight usage wear sections to both Rogers COA  
  blade edges. Quite a nice looking piece (Folded multiple times)  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DAFW513 A nice medium sized opaque black  Warner Valley, OR 35.00
  obsidian Pinto Basin Knife form having   28.00
  a serious gouge from the cutting edge    
  near the tip and a stack on side A just    
  to the right of center (Photo 4). Still an    
  interesting and "different" artifact    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DAFW531 An attractive smoky gray obsidian Warner Valley, OR 50.00
  Cascade dart point having nicely   40.00
  serrated edges. The bottom of the base    
  has some roughness to it, as the original    
  host stone's cortex remains on this area.    
  Still a nice point in great condition    
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Cascade Knife Blade Provenance: Price
DFFW28 A nice, well aged medium sized Cascade Knife Blade from the Recovered from 85.00
  Archaic period; it dates between 4,000 and 8,000 years old. Lake Co., OR 75.00
    during the 1960's  
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Contra Costa Dart Point Provenance: Price
DFFW30 A very interesting, quite small for type, and somewhat Recovered from 30.00
  lop-sided Monterey chert Contra Costa Dart point NW California  
    during the 1960's  

Item: Type: Pinto Basin Saw Provenance: Price
JAFW44 A very unusual, fairly short (for use) semi-translucent obsidian Pinto Basin Saw Recovered from 125.00
  blade form. It's very thoroughly flaked on both faces by a quite advanced Lake Co., OR  
  knapper, and has nicely serrated edgework for use as a saw. The body retains    
  curvature from the original host stone flake's form (photo 3) and this shows the    
  advanced level of the ancient knapper's skill, as many other pieces made on a    
  curved flake normally don't show the thorough flaking patterns to the concave-    
  curved face which this one has. It has a small spider bite to the tip of one basal    
  tang (right tang in photo 7), but is otherwise a superior example of this type. Stermer COA  

Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Snake River Dart Point Provenance: Price
RPFW6 A nice medium-sized translucent obsidian Recovered from 75.00
  Arrowhead showing very good craftsmanship Lake Co., OR  
  and flaking patterns.    
  Period/Age: Transitional-Classic Phases - 700-2,000 B.P.    
    Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DFFW7 A fairly thin, hastily made fine grained Found in Lake Co., OR, 45.00
  black basalt Owl Cave Knife form. from an older 1960's collection  
    Stermer COA  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB10 A shiny pitch-black opaque obsidian Personal find 125.00
  Shaniko stemmed arrowhead having from the Alvord  
  exceptional oblique flaking patterns, base Desert, OR  
  is damaged, has nice early basal grinding    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB3 An extremely finely worked semi-translucent Personal find from  215.00
  black obsidian Cascade Shouldered blade. the Alvord Desert  
  Has oblique transverse diagonal flaking which in SE Oregon  
  is totally awesome. An outstanding piece, and    
  a gem in it's own right.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB4 A nicely made semi-translucent Duck Lake, NV 215.00
  black obsidian Cascade knife    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB26 A most interesting fish-tailed opaque Personal find from 75.00
  glossy black obsidian Pinto Basin the Alvord desert in  
  Sloping Shoulder arrowhead having Oregon  
  oblique transverse flaking and basal    
  grinding. An Outstanding piece !    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB27 A very thin opaque black obsidian Personal find in the 65.00
  Pinto Basin Sloping Shoulder dart Alvord Desert in  
  point having an intricate flaking pattern Oregon  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB6 A blue-gray fine-grained dacite Duck Lake, NV 215.00
  Cascade knife, beautifully made and     
  exhibiting quite a bit of usage wear and    
  ancient re-sharpening. A REAL beauty !    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB2 A light tan chert Linn Coulee blade with Personal find from 305.00
  light brown patination on one side. Very Owyhee Co., Idaho  
  nice flaking patterns    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DAFW476 A medium gray dacite Shaniko  Warner Valley, OR 40.00
  Stemmed dart point which is heavily   32.00
  river polished. It has hafting stops    
  on both faces and an honest to    
  goodness, intentional chisel tip    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB11 A nice black opaque obsidian Shaniko Personal find from the 80.00
  stemmed arrowhead. Base is snapped. Alvord Desert, OR  
  Still an attractive piece    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
JCFW2 An average black obsidian  Recovered in 35.00
  Humboldt Constricted Base dart Churchill Co., NV  
  point having a laterally sheared    
  tang and some edge nicks    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
JCFW36 A very nice black obsidian Cascade dart    Recovered in 40.00
  point made on a flake and retaining 20% of Pershing Co., NV  
  the original flakes surface as a vertical flat    
  section on side B. (where the letters "HS"    
  appear in photo 4) It's thoroughly flaked on    
  side A and has a slender impact fracture to    
  the tip, which was anciently re-worked    
  around the edges to put it back into service    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
JSGB2 A black basalt early Yana side- Offered by the finder, who 30.00

notched arrowhead, nicely

recovered this piece in  
  patinated and showing signs of Shasta County, CA  
  heavy weathering    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
JSGB5 A shiny (on 1 side) black obsidian Offered by the finder, who 65.00

early Yana corner-notched

recovered this piece in  
  arrowhead with heavy brown  Shasta County, CA  
  deposits/patination on 1 side and an    
  interesting diagonal flaking pattern    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB16 A semi-translucent white agate Atlatl Personal find in 60.00
  Valley Triangular arrowhead which Owyhee Co., Idaho  
  appears to be anciently re-based    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB18 An opaque black obsidian Pinto Personal find from the 40.00
  Sloping Shouldered arrowhead  Alvord desert in Oregon  
  with nice basal grinding and flaking    
  to a median ridge. Has an ancient    
  nick to the tip and nice patination    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLFW7 A semi-translucent Gatecliff Split-Stem   Offered by the finder 80.00
  arrowhead made on a flake and retaining 2 who recovered this one  
  sections of the original flake's surface on in the Alvord Desert in  
  side B adding to about 30% of the flake's Harney Co., OR  
  surface remaining in total. Side A is     
  thoroughly and intricately flaked, but one of    
  the stems was anciently snapped off. The    
  edges both show nice, small serrations    
  accomplished by an advanced knapper    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB37 A small very attractive opaque black Personal find in 15.00
  obsidian Elko split stemmed birdpoint Owyhee Co., Idaho  
  having interesting flaking patterns, good    
  patination and a small clip to one ear of    
  the stem    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB8 A nice translucent black obsidian Personal find in the 60.00
  triangular blade having exceptional and Alvord Desert, OR  
  pronounced flaking patterns (Direct    
  percussion and pressure flaking)    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB13 A very thin black obsidian Humbolt Personal find from 80.00
  basal-notched arrowhead having the Alvord Desert  
  nice frosty patination on 1 side in Oregon  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB14 An attractive black opaque obsidian Personal find from 95.00
  Humbolt arrowhead with a needle tip the Alvord desert  
  and a slight ancient clip to one ear at in Oregon  
  the base. Has very nice patination    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLFW8 An opaque black obsidian Elko Eared Offered by the finder 80.00
  arrowhead made on a flake and retaining 40% who recovered this one  
  of the original flake's surface in the center of  in the Alvord Desert in  
  side B although the cutting edges are thoroughly Harney Co., OR  
  worked on this side. It has a slight curvature    
  from the form of the original flake. Side A is    
  thoroughly flaked, and it exhibits nice serrated    
  edgework. One tang was anciently snapped off.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DGFW56 A nice group of 3 obsidian artifacts Recovered in 95.00
  consisting of one Excelsior-type Northern CA  
  knife and two corner notched    
  arrowheads, one of which was re-    
  shaped into a mini drill form    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB19 A small opaque black obsidian  Personal find from 60.00
  Humbolt arrowhead, very thin and well the Alvord desert in  
  made with an intricate flaking pattern Oregon  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DGFW58 An attractive group consisting of 2  Recovered in 85.00
  obsidian corner notched arrowheads Northern CA  
  and 5 drilled clamshell beads    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLFW9 A very small opaque black Offered by the finder  40.00
  obsidian Eastgate bird point, who recovered this one  
  thoroughly flaked on both faces in the Alvord Desert in  
    Harney Co., OR  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DAGB457 A small, crudely made black Calapooia River, OR 25.00

obsidian Rose Springs dart

  point made on a flake with very       
  little effort to add the "finishing    
  touches". Obviously made by a    
  "layman" to the knapping trade.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DAGB355 A nice, slender, fairly thin and Eastern Oregon 25.00
  well-worked for the hoststone    
  type, black basalt Cold Springs    
  dart point. Basalt doesn't really    
  flake very well, but the knapper's    
  patience and superior talent sure    
  show in this one    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB23 A very interesting black obsidian Pinto Personal find from 60.00
  Basin knife blade having very fine the Alvord desert in  
  edge-work on both sides. Appears to Oregon  
  be a dart point, anciently converted to    
  a cutting tool with very sharp edges    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB24 A very thin, glossy opaque black Personal find from the 60.00
  obsidian Pinto Basin arrowhead,  Alvord desert in  
  originally made on a flake but beautifully Oregon  
  retouched with direct pressure flaking.    
  The basal notch is very deep and    
  exhibits exceptional craftmanship    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB25 A thin opaque black obsidian small Personal find from 50.00
  Humbolt knife blade having nice the Alvord desert in  
  patination and excellent flaking patterns Oregon  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DAFW705 A drastically worked-down burgundy and green Franciscan Undocumented, but Franciscan 40.00
  chert Wahmuza Knife blade. It's sturdy and thoroughly chert is a California specific  
  flaked on both faces although without any spectacular lithic, so I'd place this one as  
  flaking pattern. Just a well-used work-horse of a blade, coming from NE California  
  which, judging from the width of the base, must have been    
  HUGE in it's prime, and having more than one color in a    
  single artifact made from Franciscan chert is a bit unusual    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
SLGB17 A thin oval gray basalt knife Personal find in 40.00
  having nice patination Owyhee Co., Idaho  

End of the Far West page 7

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