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Feedback Page

COMPLETE Customer Satisfaction is our Number 1 Goal !
Here's what our customers say about us: (Identities abbreviated to respect their privacy)


Robert, Terry:
I just received the Belen Point, and I am just ecstatic with it! Such a beautiful point! Not only is it an amazing point, but an honor to be from Greg Perino's collection. I am so pleased. Thank-you both for putting this deal together, I could not be happier.

I received the 2 sets of points today and couldn't be happier!  I saw my daughters eyes light up with excitement when she saw those Stockton Points!  Man, those are really cool.  Thank you again, I will be back often to buy more.

Scott and Terry,
SWCR627 and SWCR637 arrived at the post office and I picked them up this
morning.  S&H, packaging was excellent, no damage, quick delivery, etc.
The pieces were exactly as photographed and described.   I am quite pleased.

Hi Terry,
I just wanted you to know we received the arrowheads yesterday and we absolutely LOVE them!!  Thank you so much for all of your assistance and we'll be checking back to take a look at more items sometime in the future.  If I hear of anyone that needs an item that might be on your site I will definitely refer them to you.
Take care,

I received my order and the points are awesome! Thank u

I had gone out of town last week to visit my parents in South Idaho. When I arrived home Saturday, I had several packages waiting for me. I have now received all of the artifacts that I ordered from you. WOW. I could not be happier. These are high quality artifacts that are not done justice by their photos. Again, I have to tell you how impressed I am with the quality and condition of the pieces. I also want to commend all of your consignors for really being on top of things, and getting the packages out to me in a very short time, once the order was paid in full.
Thank you for your time, Terry.

Hi Terry,
Just a note to let you know that my girlfriend is "Ga-Ga" over the big knife! She loves it! Knew she would, as we had discussed it on
the phone one day, and when she remarked about the "butchering tool" I knew we were talking about the same artifact, thus, safe to
order. Thanks, and Happy New Year to you and yours!

Hello Terry: I just received that absolutely beautiful Cordilleran Knife. I am so thankful that you offered this and made this opportunity available. Thanks also for the careful packaging and protection you provided to assure that it arrived in great condition. I will cherish this example of Early Archaic.
Best Always, Jim

Terry/Jim......All points arrived safely yesterday evening.....I am pleased with the entire
lot....both the Michael Hough material and Jim's material as well.....I am a "Happy
Camper".....A pleasure doing business with you both....:):):)

Thanks so much for the beautifully preserved mortar and pestle. So fantastic I just don't know
what else to say. You shipped them fast and safely.
I really appreciate it,

Got to tell you that I've always been real impressed with the honesty and detail of your piece
descriptions but the fairly new analysis of the skill level of the piece's maker is a super
addition. I can't think of another seller that can touch you regarding your "truth in advertising".
Keep up the good work.

Hi Terry,
Got the beautiful big blade today and couldn't be happier. A perfect transaction ! The blade
shows many interesting features that will keep me ogling it for a long time indeed  :-)
Best Regards,

...(unrelated stuff skipped)... and the relics are great. No regrets at all. I never have to worry about what I'm getting from you guys. Honest relics all the way and great service.
Many Thanks!

Hi Terry,
I received my arrowhead today and you couldn't have packed it any better, which shows your dedication to your business..... I don't know which is better, the way you run your business or the arrowheads you sell.... never the less both are great !!!!  I also wanted you to know that your website is like a display case for us.... I can spend hours a week looking, learning and of course DREAMING!!!!
Regards and looking forward to the next release,

Received the 2 Artifacts the other day... Thank You Soo Much... they are even better "in Person".... As Always, You offer Nothing but the Best Artifacts.. besides the fact that you seem to be the Only Dealer who actually offers Central & Southern California Artifacts.. Thank You Very Much for adding to my Collection... (other unrelated stuff deleted)...
Again, Thank You very Much Terry... I recommend Your site all the time to fellow Collectors.... A-1 Artifacts and A-1 Service....
Take Care, D.E.

Hi Terry,
I wanted you to know that the entire transaction was what it should be when dealing with an outfit as professional as yours...perfect!!!! Thank you very much for all the killer artifacts for us to drool over. I know who's going to be on my birthday and Christmas list....WESTERN ARTIFACTS.

Hi Richard,
Sorry for taking so long in letting you know that I received the items, all the items arrived safe & sound and I was especially pleased with the hafted arrowhead. I thought it was pretty clever of you to enclose it inside the tube container, your packaging of the items was superb. Are you the one who found the gaming pieces with Dr. Don Tyson, or was it your dad? They are nice indeed, particularly the engraved one. Many thanks for a GREAT transaction, hope to do business with you again in the very near future!!!

I received my order from Lee today and everything looks great. I already have this point in one of my Clovis frames. I can't thank both of you enough.
Thanks again,

Just an FYI -- I received the two items today, safe and sound. Although they are both quite ''modestly priced,'' I think they're nice and interesting items. I'll definitely order from your company again.
Thanks, Andy


Ya, you guys are way above all your competition in many ways. Here are
some I can think of:
Picture Quality (all angles with ruler included)
Thorough item Description
All of these reasons, and because I've been burned before, are the reason
you folks have captured my business.
Many Thanks for All You do...

6/18/2008 - Hmmm... up to now, I've just been adding the complements we've received, and it just dawned on me, now that's not fair... I should be adding anything negative as well... so, with that in mind, we've had 2 negatives which come to mind over the years... one was from a customer who didn't agree with my "G10" classification of a gem point he purchased... he promptly received a full refund as per our unconditional refund policy...
The second complaint we received was pretty harsh and strongly worded from an irate customer in Canada... he wrote something like: "I'm VERY UNHAPPY with your service, I ordered an arrowhead 3 weeks ago, and still haven't received it"... well, I was waiting for this customer to contact us, as he didn't give us his full address, (being "Yanks" down here, we couldn't tell if a Canadian address was complete or not) and his order was returned to us by the postal service, and sat waiting for him because we no longer had his email address to contact him, since we shipped the package to the address he provided, and we considered it to be a "done deal"... once he provided us with his full address, his order was promptly sent out.

I got the fantastic Kennewick early leaf and Haskett-type relics today. I loved them as soon as I saw them!  That monster leaf blade is one finely crafted piece of art. Super. The Haskett looks like it belongs to 2 different cultures as the flaking looks like a Haskett on one side and cordilleran on the other. Just a fascinating artifact to examine. They are keepers all the way, so our transaction is complete.

Terry… Package arrived as promised! Very nice piece! This was exactly what I was looking for. Nice packing too. Look forward to dealing with you in the future!  Thank you for your time and efforts, 

End of Feedback Page


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