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This page contains Ancient Native American Indian "knapped" flint and chert tools such as Knife Blades, Hide Scrapers and Drills to name a few

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
TBMFT9 A bit of a non-descript black quartzite Knife Found in 20.00
  blade which is quite thin and flaked on both  Delta, CO  
  faces, although the flaking patterns are slightly    
  subdued owing to the nature of the host stone.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
TBMFT10 A burgundy and darker orange Crescent shaped  Found in 10.00
  Scraper which is mostly worked on side A, with Delta, CO  
  slight, cursory flaking on side B along the    
  convex edge. Somewhat on the crude side.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
TBMFT11 A grayish off-white chert hafted Scraper having Recovered in 15.00
  black tannic staining on one face. It's mostly uni- Delta, CO  
  facially worked and is a bit on the crude side    
  with a circular glue residue spot in the center of    
  side B leftover from mounting in a showcase.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
JAFT1 A fairly thick and sturdy opalescent, fully translucent obsidian Atlatl Valley Recovered from 140.00
  Triangular Hafted Knife blade from the Early Archaic period, between Lake Co., OR  
  2500 and 7000 years old. It's very well flaked on both faces mostly by    
  wide indirect percussion. It has minor usage wear to the edges but is    
  essentially a problem-free piece. It displays very interesting hafting    
  preparation to the base, with side B having the only direct percussion flake    
  apparent, which ends at a slight step to act as a hafting stop, and side A has    
  very similar traits except that the hafting channel flakes were created through    
  indirect percussion rather than by direct percussion. A nice, worthy piece. Ex: Davidson  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
RPFT1 A fairly small (for type) well worked down white, purple Recovered in 600.00
  and reddish quartzite Corner Tang Knife blade, it has a Western Oklahoma  
  slight 3/8" lateral usage cut from the primary cutting edge    
  (photos 8 & 12) and an overall "well used" appearance.    
  Quite scarce and attractive piece. Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
RPFT2 A very thin (for size) large and broad white chert Mescal Recovered in 300.00
  Knife blade having some blue veining. It's well formed by SW Texas  
  percussion flaking and has secondary pressure flaking     
  patterns to all edges. Both cutting edges exhibit good usage    
  wear patterns. It also has crystal inclusions (photos 6 & 7) Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
RPFT3 An outstanding very light gray chert Lerma Pointed Base BIG game Found on the Arkansas River in 1600.00
  hand-held butchering knife blade which is very thin for it's size. Just an Oklahoma by B. McClemore  
  outstanding piece which is well formed with thorough percussion flaking    
  patterns on both faces and having nice secondary pressure flaking     
  mostly in a left-handed beveling fashion. It has 2 old (not recent, but not    
  from ancient usage at the time of manufacture) nicks to one blade edge    
  near the tip. (photos 5 & 8) Still a beautiful MONSTER blade worthy    
  of centerpiece display in any worthy collection. Ex: Greg Perino Collection dlrpbb1

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
JCFT41 A very thin off-white, light blue and tan Pershing Co., NV 100.00
  chert Tear Drop Preform which was    
  used as a knife blade in the interim    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
FT68 An outstanding bright red river polished coastal plains Recovered from the  250.00
  chert duo-purpose butchering knife shaped like a sharks Suwannee River near  
  tooth. A VERY RARE form ! (unfortunately missing the Dive Oat, FL  
  tips of both tangs, shown in photos 5 through 8) Perino COA  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MBFT81 A VERY stunning and extremely long gray and blue Recovered in 450.00
  hornstone Dovetail Drill having very thorough and Nelson Co., KY  
  detailed flaking patterns to a median ridge on both      
  faces. It has a small ancient nick to one edge of the    
  base (left side photo 1 and bottom of photo 7) and    
  good basal grinding. Just an exceptional example    
  for this type of tool and very rare for the size alone, Ex: Coffman  
  not to mention the excellent craftsmanship Jackson COA  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DIFT11 Yikes!... now here's a dangerous looking hombre. A very   Recovered in 300.00
  beautiful brown and tan flint hafted Ensor Knife blade, thoroughly Hays Co., TX  
  flaked on both faces but having 2 vertical ledges on side B (photo    
  5) and a small nipple in the center of side A. (photo 4) It shows    
  nice basal thinning and is just an attractive and sturdy blade. Rogers COA  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DIFT9 A very interesting, well-made dark brownish- Found in Stuart Co., TN 175.00
  gray combination Awl-Knife blade made from a     
  worked-down stemmed point. It's well flaked on    
  both faces with most attractive and intricate    
  secondary pressure flaking to it's cutting edges. Ex: Gary Hale  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DIFT18 A very attractive, very long brown, blue and gray   Found in 250.00
  Fort Payne chert Pencil Drill. Expertly flaked to a Fishimingo, MO  
  median ridge on both faces, I'm simply amazed to    
  see delicate artifacts like this one having survived    
  intact through the ages. A really superior piece. Ex: Al Kennedy  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DFFT5 A nice medium sized black dacite Archaic    Recovered from 150.00
  Knife blade. It has a 25% flat spot on side B, French Glen, OR  
  vertically up the center from the base, during the 1950's  
  remaining from the original host stone's rind.    
  The tip on side A resembles an impact fracture    
  with "steps" from ancient re-working. (photo 5) Stermer COA  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MBFT93 A very long and slender tan and burgundy Livingston Co., KY 250.00
  jasper corner notched Knife blade having    
  good, thorough flaking to both faces and    
  the typical slight usage wear marks    
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Crescent Knife Blade Provenance: Price
ASFT12 A nice gray and light brown mostly uni-faced chert Crescent Knife Found on private land in 75.00
Blade. Side A is thoroughly flaked and well formed in the old school Cherry County, Nebraska
style, while side B is only minimally worked around one edge and near the Snake River
retains a better portion of the original host stones cortex layer
Era: Paleo Period - 10,600 to 11,500 years old
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Side Knife Blade Provenance: Price
ASFT14 A quite rustic black chert Side Knife Blade which has Found on private land in 45.00
flaking patterns isolated to it's single working edge. Cherry County, Nebraska
Era: Prehistoric Period - 300 to 500 years old near the Snake River

Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Red Ochre Blade Provenance: Price
LSFT17 A fairly large and very thin for it's size Red Ochre grayish/off-white chert Blade Undocumented, most likely 325.00
  which is very well made. It's thoroughly flaked on both faces and appears to be from the Mid-western States  
  "all there" as it was anciently made and used. A superior piece!    
  Era: Woodland Period - Approx. 3,500 years old Jackson COA  
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Tennessee River Knife Blade Provenance: Price
LSFT18 A mottled purplish-pink chert Archaic Tennessee River Knife blade Recovered from Kentucky 95.00
  which is well flaked on both faces. Quite an attractive piece    
  Era: Archaic - 6,000 to 9,000 years old    
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Tennessee River Knife Blade Provenance: Price
LSFT20 A brown, off-white and gray chert Tennessee River Knife blade, fairly Recovered from 75.00
  well flaked on both faces with good secondary pressure flaking patterns Northern Alabama  
  to the cutting edges on both faces.    
  Era: Archaic Period - 6,000 to 9,000 years old    
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Benjamin Knife Blade Provenance: Price
LSFT24 A nice blue, gray and tan flint Benjamin Knife blade flaked on both Undocumented, most likely from 65.00
  faces but in a most un-refined manner by a novice knapper. Kentucky (Mid-western states)  
  Era: Woodland Period - 1,600 to 3,000 years old    

Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo



Type: Rose Springs Drill Form




A highly unusual blue-gray and brown jasper Rose Springs

Found by Jerry Sherer



Sloping Shoulder Drill Form. This unique tool is very flat in form 

of Wilder Idaho along



but well flaked on both faces by an "almost" intermediate knapper.

the Snake River in



The very tip was lost through use in ancient times and the base is

Jerome, Idaho



irregular/uneven. It shows traits of substantial river polish as well.




Era: Developmental to Classic Phase - 600 to 1600 years old



Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DAFT739 A mottled pink, purple and gray chert Archaic Recovered in 225.00
  Leaf Blade, well flaked on both faces by an Railroad Valley, NV  
  advanced knapper. It looks "Plain Jane-ish" in     
  the photos, but is much more attractive in person. Stermer COA  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MCFT4 A mottled light gray novaculite Paleo Plainview Drill Found in Causey, Eastern New Mexico, 325.00
  form, well flaked on both faces with nice early basal about 20 miles south of Black Water Draw Reduced!
  grinding. This one appears to be "all there" as it was in Paleo country 200.00
  first made.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
JCFT25 A monster of an obsidian Quarry Blank which has Recovered in 300.00
  fine pressure flaking to all edges indicating it's use as Humboldt Co., NV 200.00
  a butchering blade during the early Archaic period. It       
  has slight stacking and steps, which is to be expected    
  from a piece undergoing a morphing process. It has a    
  1-3/16" section of the original host stone's rind on the    
  bottom of the basal area, offset to one side (photo 6)    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MHFT1174 A fairly thick and well made mottled Undocumented, 75.00
  light blue-gray and tan flint Benton most likely  
  knife blade. It has a few recent nicks Kentucky  
  to the edges from improper storage    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MHFT1171 A fairly large and unusual blue flint Archaic Undocumented, 150.00
  Benton knife blade having very nice early most likely 95.00
  percussion flaking patterns. It has some  Kentucky  
  ragged usage wear to the edges and tip and a    
  lateral fracture travelling from the very base    
  along 1 edge for 1" (right side of photo 1)    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MHFT1180 A medium gray plain Jane Undocumented, 35.00
  chert Abasolo knife form most likely  
  with no real outstanding Texas  
  characteristics to describe    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
JCFT14 A nice obsidian Quarry or Trade Blank  Recovered in 25.00
  nicely flaked on both faces and ready to Churchill Co., NV  
  have been transformed into a preform    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
JCFT29 An off-white, tan and gray-blue chalcedony multi-  Recovered in 150.00
  purpose Butchering Knife, Perforator, Scraper blade Churchill Co., NV 100.00
  made on a large spawl, it shows nice pressure flaking    
  to the edges. A most fascinating and unique piece    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
PGFT2 A very sturdy black basalt Crescent butchering Recovered on the 85.00
  knife blade which only has secondary pressure  Columbia River  
  flaking around the cutting edges on side A. Crude (No further information)  
  in appearance, but quite an old workhorse.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
JCFT4 A horizontally banded mottled brown jasper  Recovered in 75.00
  Pluvial Lakes Side Notched Knife blade whose tip Churchill Co., NV 50.00
  was worked for use as a spokeshave. Created    
  with mostly percussion flaking, it has pressure    
  flaking to all 4 cutting edges. It's nicked up here    
  and there but still a large and desirable piece.    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
JCFT19 A very attractive pink and maroon chert Recovered in 50.00
  Wahmuza knife form which has been Churchill Co., NV 35.00
  anciently worked down and is showing    
  signs of beveling. A very nice piece    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
BYFT2 A most interesting obsidian Square-end Knife    Offered by the original finder 25.00
  from the Archaic period. Side B is mostly who found this one on his  
  percussion flaking, while side A shows a LOT of ranch in Harney Co., OR  
  pressure flaking edgework to both cutting edges. (details to buyer)  
  It appears to have some slight, more recent nicks    
  to the cutting edges, but nothing really drastic    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
BYFT5 A nice sized blue-gray dacite Archaic Cascade Offered by the original finder 15.00
  hafted Knife blade, created by a novice knapper who found this one on his  
  and having quite a few "steps" from a fast & dirty ranch in Harney Co., OR  
  knapping effort. It has a more recent nick to the tip (details to buyer)  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
BYFT6 A black obsidian Archaic Cascade Knife blade, well Offered by the original finder 15.00
  flaked with oblique transverse patterns by an advanced who found this one on his  
  knapper. It has an ancient lateral cut to one edge near ranch in Harney Co., OR  
  the tip (photo 6) and a few very small (about the size of  (details to buyer)  
  the head of a pin) more recent surface nicks, most likely    
  caused from improper storage. Still a neat little piece.    
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Salvaged Drill Provenance: Price
RPFT28 A most unusual tan and brown flint drill form which was Recovered from 30.00
  salvaged and reworked from a larger Arrowhead. Hugo Lake, OK  
    Ex: Greg Perino  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MCFT8 An (amateur?) archaeologist's boo-boo. A Provenance is undocumented, 175.00
  light mottled blue flint concave-based Paleo most likely a mid-western piece Reduced!
  Drill which is encased in what appears to be a   100.00
  dried-up lakebed's hardened sediment.    
  Probably broken by the excavation attempt    

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
ASFT7 A most attractive and very thin reddish-orange  Recovered in  250.00
  Hartville uplift chert Archaic beveled Knife blade Cherry Co., NE 175.00
  having a very unique style of manufacture. First (Full history to buyer)  
  off, the edges on side B were left untouched and    
  although side B shows thorough flaking patterns    
  (photo 4) it's basically "flat". Side A has mostly    
  percussion and pressure flaking to the surface,    
  with thorough secondary pressure flaking to all     
  edges. It has a lateral fracture leading from the tip    
  down one edge (Left edge in photo 1) for a    
  length of 7/8". A very nice looking item Taylor COA  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DAFT21 A very long and narrow mottled Recovered in 125.00

orange and tan chert knife blade

Harney Co., OR 50.00
    Jackson COA  

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
LEFT5 A fairly large (for type) and quite crude Recovered in 20.00
  green and yellow chert uni-faced end Oldham Co., TX  
  scraper having thin purple horizontal banding. Offered by the finder  

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