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George Miller Collection

                                 ARTIFACTS FOUND BY GEORGE MILLER

                                                 IN THE GREAT BASIN

                                        RICHARD CORROW COLLECTION

In sheer quantity, few “arrowhead” collections exceed that assembled by George Miller.

For over 60 years George and his wife Beth surface hunted and found an amazing 12,000 artifacts. Featured in such books as “STONE AGE MAN IN THE GREAT BASIN” by Emory Strong, (Pages 66, 196, 198, and 218) the Miller collection represents some of the finest examples of Great Basin artifacts in existence. The collection had remained mostly hidden from public view until George’s death in 1985 at age 90. George was born in Sierraville, California in 1895 the son of an Iowa pioneering family that arrived in California in 1860. George lived his entire life in Cedarville in California’s remote northeastern Surprise Valley.

The Millers collected within a 60mile radius of their Cedarville home comprising most of Modoc County in California and Churchill County in Nevada. Favorite Indian encampments and hunting sites included; the Alkali Lakes of Surprise Valley and Goose Lake in California, Crump Lake in Oregon and Massacre Lake and Duck Flat in Nevada. Many artifacts in the collection are encrusted on one side with alkali residue demonstrating the point laid flat for eons. The time span for the collection represents the entire human occupation period in North America. A simplified chart of point types can be found in the Smithsonian “HANDBOOK OF NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS” Volume XI-Great Basin, and gives a generalized overview to identify many of the points and their approximate age.

Beth had mounted over one thousand small “bird-points” in twelve large frames in stunning geometric patterns that were displayed in their home. Those frames were retained by the extended family. But the vast majority of the collection remained hidden from public view seen only by close friends until his death.  Beth passed away some years prior to George. The bulk of the collection was passed on to Richard Corrow and remains in his personal collection. This is the second release of points from the collection after Corrow made an initial sell-off of field grade points in the late 1980’s.

I had several pleasant meetings with George and through such personal contact and assessment of the collection, I declare it to be totally authentic and void of fakes or reproductions. For this reason I offer all artifacts as genuine and with a lifetime guarantee. It should be noted however, George and Beth collected solely for their own pleasure and though rare, George would occasionally preserve a chipped or damaged point by reworking/resharpening to repair the points artistic shape. Any such points would be indicated prior to sale if observed.

Richard Corrow




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