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Gulf Coastal Page 1


This page contains ancient Indian Arrowheads and other artifacts specifically from the Gulf Coastal regions, which include Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana

Item: Type: Marion Provenance: Price
TWBGC1 A very sturdy, colorful and meaty red and orange coastal plains chert Marion Knife Recovered from  200.00
form which has the highest amount of glossy river polish that I've ever seen and Dougherty Co., GA
which REALLY makes this one an attractive artifact. It has an ancient nick to one
corner of the base as well as to one tang, but these have been sufficiently smoothed-
over from the river polish and don't detract from this one's overall beauty.

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
GC50 A very nice, glossy semi-translucent red and orange Recovered in 120.00
coral Santa Fe dart point, well flaked on both faces Dougherty Co., GA
and showing nice river polish to it's surfaces. It has
an ancient nick to one auricle, but is still a most
attractive Archaic piece.

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
GC49 A brownish-red coastal plains chert bi-facially Recovered From 30.00
worked hafted scraper, well flaked on both  Dougherty Co., GA 
faces and having nice river polish to the surfaces

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MBGC1 A Super mottled gray and brown coral Hernando dart point. It's fairly Found in 175.00
thin and well flaked on both faces, but it has a teensy weensy problem, Marion Co., FL
which sounds like a "dog ate my homework story", but the consignor
swears that it's true... his dog was so happy to see him when he  
returned from work, that the dog's wagging tail knocked this beauty off
of a shelf it was stored on, breaking off the upper 3/4" of the tip. Since
it was a modern break, it was (almost) seamlessly glued back together Jackson COA

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
WLGC1 A beautiful and fairly large and broad semi-translucent Manatee Co., FL 550.00
heat-treated coral Culbreath Knife form having a very 
minor ancient tip nick and a slight nick to one edge caused
by an overly aggressive knapper. It has thorough flaking
patterns to both faces and an interesting fossil inclusion to
side A. (The black area in the center of photo 1)

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
WLGC2 A very attractive semi-translucent rose Hillsborough Co., FL 750.00
colored heat-treated pinhead coral Newnan 
Dart point in excellent condition. (Tip is slightly
rounded, but not chipped, and this is a very
rare material for arrowheads from this area.)
Flaking patterns are thorough on both faces.

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
WLGC3 A stunning heat-treated red coral Marion   Hillsborough Co., FL 350.00
dart point having thorough flaking patterns
to both faces and an unfortunate shear to
the bottom of the base

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
WLGC4 A real heartbreaker, a colorful red, pink Found on Private land  125.00
and cream colored tampa bay bottom on Harney Flats in
chert Newnan dart point which was Hillsborough Co., FL
broken in half and glued back together

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
WLGC5 An ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS ultra-thin  Found on the banks of 850.00
and very well made heat-treated red and white Lake Thonotosassa in 
semi-translucent coral Marion dart point, Hillsborough Co., FL
thoroughly flaked on both faces. The white
sections are actually patina as it was dug from
sugar sand. The base is asymmetrical, but not
damaged, it's just the way it was made

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
WLGC6 A very nice white, gray and tan chert Found on Private land 1,600.00
Paleo Suwannee dart point which has a on Harney Flats in
clip to one of it's ears. It's well made Hillsborough Co., FL
with thorough flaking patterns to both
faces. It has good Paleo basal grinding
and serrated edges from ancient
resharpenings. A very scarce point!

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MBGC79 A Gorgeous orange, tan and brown agatized Recovered in 350.00
coral Marion knife form thoroughly flaked on Suwannee Co., FL
both faces and showing nice river polish and 
tannic toning. It has a slight ancient nick to the
tip of one tang (photos 6 & 7) and a small 
usage nick to one edge near the tip (photo 2),
but is otherwise "all there" as it was made

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MBGC88 A very nice, fairly thin for size mottled orange Found in Live Oak in 220.00
and tan coastal plains chert Marion Knife form    Suwannee Co., Florida
which is very symmetrical, an unusual feature in
a knife form. Flaking patterns are pretty good,
with secondary pressure flaking applied only to
the cutting edges. Quite an attractive piece

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MBGC89 A very striking semi-translucent pink and Recovered in 300.00
off-white diagonally banded agatized coral Dixie Co., Florida
Newnan dart point showing good flaking
patterns by a novice knapper. It has a
slight ancient nick to the tip and the base
was clipped (nicked) in ancient times. Still 
a most attractive piece which displays well Jackson COA

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MBGC92 A very colorful off-white, gray, pinkish-tan and   Found in Live Oak in 30.00
red agatized coral Newnan dart point fairly well Suwannee Co., Florida
flaked on both faces but showing an old nick to
the inner edge of one notch area. (Right side in
Photo 2) It also has a small oval shaped
depression above the centerline on side B 
where a crystal inclusion in the host stone wore
away over the ages. Still a nice point which
displays well, made from an unusual material

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
FR42 A beautiful river polished Dougherty Co., GA 25.00
orange and red coastal plain 
chert knife blade/scraper tool  
  showing part of the original    
  striking platform    

End of the Gulf Coastal page 1

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