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Indian Pipes Page 1

This page lists Indian Pipes from ALL eras, including Ancient prehistoric stone pipes through post-European contact Trade Pipes as well as contemporary pipes when they're in stock and also Ancient Cloud Blowers, which are truly rare items, seldom seen for sale.
Click on the Photo set above for an enlarged photo
Item: Type: Southwest Tube Pipe Provenance: Price
RPIP1 A VERY striking, and very rare dark brown and greenish-gray hematite Southwest Recovered near 1500.00
Tube Pipe. It has the typical, slight ancient nicking around the "loading" edge, but is Clovis, NM
otherwise in exquisite condition. I've seen these from California, but this is the first
one we've ever handled from the southwestern regions. Quite a piece of artwork
Era: Circa. 1500 B.P. Ex: Greg Perino


Item: Type: High Plains Elbow Pipe (Sioux/Crow) Provenance: Price
MAIP1 A very well formed and quite scarce black soapstone High Plains Elbow Undocumented, 425.00
Pipe in very good condition. This one has been attributed to either the from an old High
Sioux or Crow tribes and shows excellent manufacture and polish with  Plains collection
some slight ancient usage chipping/wear around the mouth piece and bowl
areas. It has a small vertical hole near the base of the bowl where it joins
the stem of the mouthpiece from a mis-drilled hole. (Dang shame after all
the effort which probably went into making this one up to that point!)

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MHIP1598 A fairly nice, if not a little bit rough reddish-brown volcanic rock Recovered in SOLD
Pipe which is almost completely intact but for a little roughness, Churchill Co., NV  
chipping to one side of the mouthpiece. A very scarce piece! Ex: Michael Hough  

Item: Type: Basketmaker Tube Pipe Provenance: Price
MHIP1600 A little bit of a stubby reddish-brown hardstone drilled Tube Pipe Only documented as SOLD
which has a round-and-round surface crack as well as multiple  being Southwestern  
surface digs and scratches. The mouthpiece end also shows ancient from a Basket maker site 10/23
nicking which has smoothed out over time. This one is from the
collection of Charles Miles and is pictured in his book "Indian &
Eskimo Artifacts of North America" on page 215, plate 11.1 Ex: Michael Hough

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
DVIP1 An old Chumash Shell bead Inlaid Steatite Pipe which was Found in Malibu, CA 2300.00
ceremonially "killed" (intentionally broken up into 2 halves and 3
smaller finger-sized fragments) and later pieced back together. It
originally had inlaid shell beads, most of which eroded away over
time; some of these were replaced during the 1930's to return this 
rare item to it's original appearance/state. The original five shell beads
which were retained over the ages are consistent with late horizon
types referenced in Chester King's bead chronology publication. Ex: Anderson
There is a bit of controversy over this item, as far as authenticator Ex: John Keina
opinions go, details about this will be provided to serious buyers Breckinridge COA

Item: Type: Provenance: Price
MHIP924 A very nice and rare greenish-gray, black and pink Steatite Recovered in 600.00
Pipe which was recently snapped on the neck near the Contra Costa Co., CA 2/11 ON-HOLD marin
mouthpiece and re-glued together. It has some surface (Details to buyer)
cracking but is otherwise in good condition considering the age.
(Original photos, prior to the neck being broken at an artifact
show, are shown in the first photo set above.)

End of Indian Pipes and Cloud Blowers page 1

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