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New Stuff Page

$5,000 REWARD!!!
Guess that got your attention, huh? OK, so technically it's not a "reward", it's normally called a "finders fee"... The owner of the rare Bodega Bay Collection listed on our caches and collections
webpage is willing to pay $5,000 to any person who refers a buyer for this fine and rare collection, with the provision that the buyer follows through by actually purchasing and keeping this fine
collection. So, if you know of any serious collectors you can refer, here's a chance to earn some "easy money".


Late Additions, Added 2/3/2015
We had a consignor decide to part with his superior Columbia River and Far West hard stone collection after our last release, so we "snuck these in":

New on the Axes & Tools Page 1:


Web site last updated - 1/25/2015
Scroll Down to view today's latest additions:



We launched our new "Sister Website" FossilConnections... Pay this one a visit if you have any interest in some very unique Fossil offerings:


For "What Is It?"... "What do I have"... or "How much is it worth"
Artifact Questions, please see our Contact Us page


DON'T BE FOOLED by the name... We cover it all... Coast to coast and border to border and now, with our Old World and Foreign Countries page, even beyond!!!
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Notify me of updates: tbaxter999@gmail.com

1/25/2015 - Update


Click on the page-link ABOVE the Photo sets to go there:
simply a document stating information about when, where, etc. an item was found... usually created by either the finder or a former
owner of an item... and while I'm at it, NFI means "No further information documented"


New on the Paleo Page 1:


New on the Archaic Page 1:


New on the BIG Blades Page:

New on the Gem Points Page:

New on the Flint Tools Page 1:


New on the Far West Page 1:




New on the Bone & Shell Page 1:

New on the Columbia River Page 1:


New on the Indian Beads Page:


New on the Axes & Tools Page:

New on the Other Periods Page 1:

End of this release's new listings

After a full year and a half in the works, I finally completed my book on How to Find Indian Arrowheads and other Ancient Artifacts and Relics...  Click on the book's cover below for information on how to order:


Perino out-of-print BOOK OFFERING... Greg Perino's books titled "Selected Preforms, Points and Knives of the North American Indians"... these hardbound books are EXTREMELY thorough and have professional, detailed drawings of all point types across the United States with VERY detailed information about each type, it's original discovery and how they were assigned their "type names" not to mention many detailed drawings of point types in their "evolutionary stages", such as their preform stages. These are for the serious typology artifact students, and a GREAT collectors' item as they are out-of-print volumes and most difficult to find for sale anywhere! PLEASE NOTE: NOT ALL point types are covered in each publication, each publication covers a specific range of point types, from A to Z, but again, not ALL point types are listed in each volume. (These tended to skip around a bit, as research was being conducted to complete the types contained in each volume.)
To view "A Tribute To Greg Perino" please visit the site below:

All of these are Out-Of-Print, and we only have a limited supply of each, so please order early to insure that you get the copy you want. (These would make a GREAT Christmas present if you have a serious arrowhead collector in your family!)
To Order a volume of this book, simply click on the appropriate email link below, and send the email... you don't have to write anything in the body of the email and you will be contacted by email, to complete the order:
Selected Preforms, Volume 3 - $105 (Postage included)
Selected Preforms, Volume 2 (Unsigned) - $200 (Postage included) Please note, the supply of these is running VERY short! (less than 10 left)
Selected Preforms, Volume 2 (Signed copy) - $250 (Postage included) Please note, the supply of these is running VERY short! (less than 10 left)
PLEASE NOTE: ALL of the Volume 2 books were stored in the author's garage for more than 10 years, and all of these have some
very slight, spotty "age discoloration" to the outer edges of some of the pages... despite this minor shortcoming, we still guarantee
complete customer satisfaction.
Book 2 starts with the arrowhead Abbey type and ends with the Zella type. there are a total of 302 points illustrated and described. some of these are Andice, backed knives, Dawson, First view, Goshen, Howard county, Massard, Nebo hill, Paisano, Raccoon, Stockton, Turin, Ulu, and Washita northern variety.
Book 3 starts with the Acatta arrowhead type and ends with the Zora type, with a total of 256 point types covered. Some of those included are Armijo, bear arrow, belen, cobbs triangular, dane sharkstooth, frederick, folsom unfluted, glendo, jeff, kirk, oxbow, pedernales, pinwah, pulaski, st marion, steiner, tulare lake, and trujilo.


Recently we were privileged to be able to offer the famous Chenoweth / Gaffney Collections on our Caches &
Collections webpage. These famous collections are well documented in the publication "Bodega Bay Anthology
Archaeological assemblage", shown above. To order your own copy of the Bodega Bay Anthology publication
for $25, simply click on the link below and send the email... it's all auto-magic, and you will be contacted by
email with the details for receiving this professional publication:
Order the Bodega Bay Anthology publication


End of the New Stuff Page


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