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Want Lists Page
Listed on this page are "advertisements" from collectors who are looking for specific items

Paleo Wanted:

A 2" (or better) SKY-BLUE Contact Terry Baxter:
coshocton flint clovis with tbaxter999@gmail.com?subject=Clovis
white streaks and black specks...  
(in other words, mottled)  
Doesn't have to be perfect, but  
should have eye-appeal.  

A 2" (or better) brown sugar quartz OR silicified sandstone clovis with Contact Terry:
fluting at least on one side. tbaxter999@gmail.com?subject=Clovis
Reasonable condition.  

Columbia River Wanted:

GEMSTONE columbia river birdpoints Contact Terry:
MUST be 5/8" or smaller, no obsidian. tbaxter999@gmail.com
(Petrified wood and colorful agates)  

Klickitat points Contact Terry:

TOP GRADE Gunther points, especially from Contact Ken Gibson:
Oregon or Washington KBG920@aol.com

Larger Columbia Plateau points Contact Steve:

General Wanted:

How to advertise on this page:
You can list your "wanted items" on this page too...
It's only 10.00 per year for one "rotating slot" or 25.00 per year for 5 "rotating slots". A rotating slot is a single ad in any category you desire. Once a slot is purchased, you can change your ad as often as once a month, either by advertising for an entirely different item or by "rotating the slot" to an entirely different category. (Such as from Paleo to Archaic) This makes sense, especially if you obtain the piece you originally advertised for and want to advertise for a different item... you've already paid for the slot for 1 year, so you can use it as you see fit; by purchasing one slot, you can effectively advertise for 12 different items in a one year time period...
Consignors to this site are rewarded with FREE advertising listings
For more information, or to get a listing on this wanted page,  Please contact me: tbaxter999@gmail.com?subject=Wanted_Page_Listing
We always need consignments !
End of Want Lists page


If you would like to receive an email notification whenever this website is updated, simply click on the
link below, and send the email. You don't have to enter anything in the email, it's all auto-magic !
Notify me of updates: tbaxter999@gmail.com



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